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Moving to New Zealand!?

I got accepted for a work visa so i'm looking for a place to stay.

i have noticed on most apartments and houses they have 'pw' does that mean everyone pays their rent weekly?

and does that mean you get a pay cheque every week as well?

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    In New Zealand Rent is usually calculated on a weekly basis normally you can pay either weekly or monthly, one thing to try with a potential landlord is to agree a monthly rate of four weeks rent rather that the 30.25 days that it averages. Landlords will ask usually for a deposit which may be equal to a months rent and if the apartment is being leased by an agent they may also charge a fee equal to about two weeks rent. I would suggest the website they list a lot of apartments directly without often charging agents fees. Depending on your job most pay is paid monthly with some more casual type jobs paid weekly.

    Source(s): I live in New Zealand and have rented out apartments before.
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