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Would I show the proof any other way? How could mankind through all these years have shown proof of..?

what they found in time and so on? someone said something they were either bought off, found sins against and blackmailed, and so on. How else would Allah SWT give this to you? From the dark side of the moon? Little boy blue and the man on the moon are gone! LOL!

Al hamdoullah, If I am a number of infinite numbers, then how can the few illogical ignorance's have effect?

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    If God wants a person to believe in a principle, He should make it clear and evident. He is the Most Fair and Just. He knows that belief is not a voluntary thing; that is, it is not up to the individual. A person is not able to believe or disbelieve anything he chooses. The human body is at one's command but not the mind. I can obey a command that tells me to move my hand up or down, to walk or sit, even if such a command does not seem to be wise. But I am not able to obey a command, for example, that tells me to believe that two and two are five, or that three are one, or that fire is cold, or that snow is hot.

    Our human knowledge comes from direct or indirect evidence, and it does not follow our own whim and will. An acceptable religious belief must be based on knowledge. When God wants me to know something, He should make such a knowledge possible by making its evidence available. Should He demand from me to believe something while evidence is standing against it, He would be asking me to do the impossible. This contradicts His justice.

    Islam never condemns an individual when he does not believe in a principle because of lack of evidence; on the contrary, Islam blames a person when he follows a principle while groping in the dark without illuminating evidence, or when such a principle is not in accordance with the truth.

    Following a principle against evidence, or with lack of evidence, is like a judgement of a court against a defendant without any evidence. Such an attitude is not to be praised. From the Holy Qur'an:

    "And follow not that of which thou hast no knowledge. Surely the hearing and sight and the heart, all of these will be asked about it." 17:36

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    Salam. You should show the proof if you have.But in religion there are certain ghaib matters which could be proofed such as the after life,the heaven and hell,the angels etc

    Mankind through all these years have shown bad influences.There were so many suicide bombs which killed innocent people.

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    So spidey! We meet again -_- I am afraid you are still no match for me though. My power remains supreme...


    To answer your question that is why you follow a faith. You can only believe without seeing. You rely on his grace to lead you not proof. If you want proof then mine as well be a scientist. Scientist don't believe in fairy tales and they don't believe in religion and they don't have faith. What do scientist have? Proof!

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