Why is the U.S. taking the blame for the security failure of the Christmas Day attempted bombing?

If I read correctly, the flight originated in Amsterdam and was bound for Detroit, Michigan. Wouldn't this be a failure of Dutch security and not American security?

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    The USA failed in properly vetting and updating it's no fly list and not revoking this guy's visa immediately. KLM and the Dutch failed in the actual physical security of detecting the explosives and not reacting to the risk factors this guy showed (paying cash, no luggage, etc.).

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    True but we failed to have the accused in our no fly list which in turn would have alerted the Dutch. BUT, I still ask:

    "How" did the accused got a Visa????

    "Who" in it's right mind will approve a Visa to a person with so many red flags???

    "Who" was the person, or persons that, "on purpose", ignored the red flags???

    "WHO" was the 'well dressed person' who was the one that passed the accused through all security???

    "WHY" does this person been ignored and not brought out?

    If such a person had the power to pass the accused through security without been checked:

    "WHY" does this person is not been charged as an accomplice??

    Maybe because the person is well known and/or has some kind of diplomatic immunity??

    If we let people "with immunity" o help terrorists to get here:

    what's the point of all our security????

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    The bomber's father warned the US that his son had turned extreme and yet his name wasn't flagged. Of course Amsterdam is to blame, he chose that airport for a very good reason.

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    This should shed some light on that for you.


    READ IT,...

    Check this also, and ask yourself,..what does that make me think of?


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