All info on Jim Crow Laws?

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    Britannica Concise Encyclopedia: Jim Crow Law

    Law that enforced racial segregation in the U.S. South between 1877 and the 1950s. The term, taken from a minstrel-show routine, became a derogatory epithet for African Americans. After Reconstruction, Southern legislatures passed laws requiring segregation of whites and "persons of colour" on public transportation. These later extended to schools, restaurants, and other public places. In 1954 the U.S. Supreme Court declared segregation in public schools unconstitutional in Brown v. Board of Education; later rulings struck down other Jim Crow laws.

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    Examples of Jim Crow Laws

    From the 1880s into the 1960s, a majority of American states enforced segregation through "Jim Crow" laws (so called after a black character in minstrel shows) ...

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    Jim Crow Laws Info

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