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Is a Gateway FX Series FX6802-07C a good gaming PC?

I am thinking of buying this computer, and i need opinions on whether it would be a good choice for a gaming PC/ If it is actually any good.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    You have to understand that there is alot more to buying a computer than just looking at specs. Thats what marketing people are counting on. That why companies like acer/emachines/gateway are doing well in sales but far better built computers aren't selling as well. I'd stick with the "good" brands Dell, HP, Compaq, toshiba, asus, lennovo.

    There are tons of computers that have similar specs for appx the same amount, especially if you are a good shopper and hit a sale at the right time. The others will have better reliability, better ergonomics, better tech support (ALL tech support is bad now, but acer/emachines/gateway takes the cake), better customer service (ALL cust service is bad now, but A/e/G is famous), better quality assurance, better warranty policy, better repair turn around time, etc, etc, etc.

    Think of buying a computer based on specs the same way as buying a car based on specs. A dodge may have more horsepower than a audi, infinity, lexus or mercedes. But what has better reliabiity, better ergonomics, better service dept, better after sales care, better presitge of ownership? Having a corei7 is nice, but it's still on a gateway. For gaming, I'd be thinking I wanted an alienware, an HP envy or a dell xps.

    Do you really want to say, I have an A/e/G? Do you really want to be seen with that logo? I see high school and college kids at the library with stickers strategicly placed to cover the logos that I know through experience are acers.

    Think of pedigree. Gateway is also emachnes and acer. But a company like HP or dell makes servers, blade servers and pro workstations.

    Think of provenance. Fortune 500 companies, the government, the military use lennovo, HP, compaq and dell. NO company except a little ma and pa on a shoestring budget uses A/e/G.

    Think of what people in the know use. Technicians use dell, hp, compaq, toshiba, lennovo and asus. NONE of my coworkers use A/eG except as a throwaway that we might have picked up on black friday.

    Think of turn around for a repair. Dell will have you up and running within ONE business day (no holiday or weekends). A/e/G will take about 6 weeks and even then, it probably won't be diagnosed correctly or fixed. My niece bought one a few years back during black friday. Of course it broke within a few months, it took MORE than six weeks, and when it came back, not only was it not working, it came back with a blank hd and the case was beat up.

    So if you buy based on specs, you may be disappointed

  • 1 decade ago

    lol well hellz yeah. From the looks of it, it has a brand new i7 processor, 12GB DDR3 ram which is... way overboard so you can do serious gaming, 1TB harddrive you'll never fill, and also a NVIDIA GeForce GTX260 which is not too shabby at all. Assuming this is the system your talking about then definitely a gaming system worth buying if your worth paying. I can't imagine it's very cheap...

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