Shy guy : How do you guys act around girls you REALLY like?

how would you react around a girl that you REALLY like?

would you..

-avoid her

-Avoid eye contact

-not even talk to her...refuse to see her.

When she asks you or friends ask you if you like her, what would you say?

-Not really


-yell NO

-just say no

-or sure?


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    I'm shy around superhot girls. It's like being in the room with a small sun. I don't look at them, but I know where they are. It's hard to be myself when talking with them. I get nervous and try too hard.

    Unfortunately, the signs that a shy person gives out when he is interested in someone are similar to the signs he displays when he isn't interested in someone.

    1) They avoid eye contact.

    2) They avoid the person.

    3) They say that they aren't interested in the person.

    On the other hand, there are some differences.

    If someone likes you, he will avoid eye contact, but he will look at you when you aren't looking at him. If you glance at him, he will look away and try to be cool and then look back again after a little while.

    They will avoid being in direct contact with you, but they will always be nearby.

    If he tells your friends he doesn't like you, and your friends ask why not, he will probably talk about how he isn't sure if you like him, how it's difficult to talk with you, how he's not good enough, or something along those lines.

    But what you really wanna know is how you can break through this shy shield and get closer. If he does the whole, "I'm not looking at you, now I am, now I'm not." thing, just go say hi. Don't scare him away by confronting him about if he likes you or if he was looking at you, just be nice and talk about easy stuff.

    So, go say hi. If he likes you, he has to have some courage and talk with you. If he doesn't like you, hopefully he's nice and will just talk and maybe you can be friends. (That one is much more difficult!) If he's not nice and is mean to you, then he can burn in hell.

    Good luck!

    Source(s): I once asked my friends what they do if they see someone they like at a party. They all agreed that they avoid eye contact. Try it sometime. If you are walking along the street, you can look through all the old people, married people, normal people, but if you see a hottie, you glance away, then back, then away...
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    Hi, i'm kind of shy myself... I tend to be nervous when i'm around girls that i like. I'm afraid too make a fool out of myself. This doesn't really answer your question, but you're not alone!

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    That's how I acted around my first crush. It didn't work. Eventually I grew up but by then the window was long closed. And if she asked if I liked her, it depended. If it was the first bit, I would have gotten really embarrassed and probably denied it. (that's because I knew I had no chance and was trying to save face.)

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    Depends on the intensity of shyness. There is regular shyness which might involve avoiding most eye contact then there is social anxiety where the guy will totally avoid any contact at all (even if he REALLY does like the girl.)

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  • 1 decade ago

    if you like her that much don't avoid her!!! that's weak! make sure to be your self and make eye contact and hug her touch her waist, girls love that

    also if anyone asks do you like her say yea i do shes a cool girl, but i don't think she likes me im to shy!

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    5 years ago

    generally, if they are outgoing, no. if they are outgoing they are not shy around girls. the wanna be gangster head nod is him not knowing what to say so he nods to say hi. i think he is deciding if he likes as a gf or a normal friend. good luck!

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    I try to act as comfortable around her as possivle

    if they ask me, id say i liked her

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    #1 Social Reprogramming Method :

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