How do environmental engineers work with environmental scientists?

what are the steps in which people of these two jobs relate to each other, and work together?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Scientists generally deal with establishing and proving scientific theorys , engineers than work on applying the theorys to daily real life problems !

    There is not always a direct interaction between scientists and engineers, usually once a scientist has published his papers on something new he discovered the work will be picked up by engineers and the scientist will move on to something else.

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  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    right here in California it truly is lots extra effectual to be a geologist. Geologists rule the environmental container even better than do Environmental scientists. circulate discern. the rationalization is that it demands a state registered geologists (PG) to sign papers. Engineers who've civil certification are approximately equivalent with somewhat diverse scope. they might cope with remediation structures and that kind of factor while geologists might cope with exams. certainly, i might strongly propose no longer getting an environmental technology degree. probable it truly is unfair, yet they are no longer supplied as lots understand. there may be places the place environmental scientists are given extra understand yet i don't be attentive to the place.

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