PLEASE HELP! Bio questions, urination :)?

Ok so I am trying to study for my grade 11 bio final and I have come across a few questions that I don't know involving the urinary system.

If you know the answer to any of them that would be a great help!

Oh and they aren't homework or anything I just found them in my review booklet.

1) Why is the concentration of ions, amino acids, glucose and urea the same in both the plasma and the filtrate?

2) Neither glucose nor proteins are present in urine, but for different reasons. Explain.

3) Although urea undergoes less reabsorption than glucose, its concentration in the urine has increased about 60-fold. Account for the increase.

4) Why might K+ be more concentrated in the urine than in the filtrate?

5) Which ion accounts for the low pH of urine? How and where is this ion transported into the urine? Why is the elimination of this ion important to survival?

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    ummmm any doctors in the house???? maybe a nurse practitioner???? maybe put this question where they would find it.

    you say your in 11 grade???? glad i'm not in your school, i just finished bio with a B and never saw anything like these questions.

    kinda makes me feel stupid..........sorta, kinda........glad i'm not going into the medical field

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