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Statistics mutually exclusive question 10 point reward !?

8. If A and B are mutually exclusive events with P(A) = 0.3 and P(B)= 0.5, then P(A and B) is

a. 0.3

b. 0.15



e. none

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    c. 0

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    S and T are at the same time unique would not propose that they are self sufficient. for my area, i think that the respond could be A. If S, happens, T can not ensue. If T happens, S can not ensue. for this reason, there is one among those 'dependence' there. To be self sufficient would not propose that they can't ensue on the comparable time. To be self sufficient skill that the prevalence of one isn't plagued by skill of the different. The probability of S happening isn't plagued by skill of the possibilities or the form wherein T ensue or no longer. desire this helps :)

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