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Are there any AIDS awareness and prevention programs in Ethiopia, Africa?

I am doing a project on AIDS and diseases in Ethopia, Africa. I am trying to find if there are any programs there that educate the people on these issues or have any sorts of prevention and awareness programs. I am not able to locate any so far on the net, does anyone know of any good sites or information?

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    Ethiopia was one of the most hard hit countries in the world when it came to the HIV/AIDS epidemic. The impact and casualties of the war against HIV/AIDS was very high and devastating.Ethiopia today is one of the few countries that has halted and even recently started to reduce reduce the rate of infection by the disease.

    So, yes we do have a an awareness program, it is one of the very successful ones in the world. And almost 90+ % of the population has been educated about the prevention of the disease.

    Proofs are reports from various UN agencies.

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