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HPV - I need to know.?

Is it curable?

If it isn't what should I do? Cause I got a partner and I don't wanna infect him or anyone else and I can't use "rubber" condoms cause I'm allergic and I don't know where you but "sheepskin" condoms (I don't even think the exist cause I never see them anywhere) and personally I don't think I wanna keep living if it isn't curable because I'll just be miserable and it'd probably just be best to lethally inject me and put me out of my misery. And I probably should end it with my partner because it's not far to him that we can't have sex because I don't wanna possibly infect him. (We don't think he has it.)

I have read that HPV virus which causes genital warts, which is what I have, the body eventually fights off the virus. Is that true?

And I've also read up on the cream called Imiquimod, and many sites say two different things that it will cure the HPV virus and that it won't Imiquimod is suppose to boost the immune system to fight off most viruses and some diseases that cause certain cancers (I can't remember that word for word.)

Someone help me cause I'm feeling very lost and I'm freaking out cause I don't know what to do and I don't know if I can live with this for the rest of my life cause I think I'd rather die then continue living and be miserable all the time.

Thanks to all those who can help.


Just so you know I'm a guy not a woman. Please don't be judgmental or disrespectful about me being gay I have no problems blocking people.

Update 2:

Ok once again I'm MALE NOT FEMALE LOL!

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    im so sorry to hear this i was diagnosed with genital warts in november of 09 and i know how your feeling i felt the say way and attempted to kill my self and now im ok my sister is an RN and explained everything im still coping with it since it was recent this is what im doing and what you need to do ok hun exercise everyday have two days out of the week to rest your muscles eat healthy dont smoke or drink a lot wine a day is fine lots and lots of vitamins get good sleep everyday at least 8hrs and you will get rid of the hpv but the virus will always exsist in your body forever thats why its not curable you can only keep it dormant in your body which is good imagine your you normal just a few abnormal cells just dont lose focus on your health or it can come back i know you think no one will love you because of this believe me i feel the same way but i hear a lot of stories of people being in love and risking it its not as bad as we both think because its treatable genital warts hpv is only causes cancer for women on their cervix dont let this bring you down i know it does for me a lot of the time but i just focus and try to make my self better thats how i make it through out my day if you need someone to talk to you can send me a message and dont break it off with your partner tell him the truth and if he loves you he will be their if not then you will find some one else theirs also tons of websites to date people with STDs

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    It's not "curable" in that there is no cure, but that doesn't mean you will have it forever. There is no cure for the flu either, and most people recover from it!

    Most HPV infection (91%) are resolved within 2 years. Some people insist that you still have HPV living in you in indetectable levels, and that it could reawaken and you would then be contagious again. There isn't actually ANY scientific evidence to support that, though I guess hypothetically it could be true.

    Imiquimod does help your body to fight the virus, but the you still have the same problem. You don't have symptoms, and are very likely not contagious, but there is no way to determine whether you are for sure.

    Condoms are not effective in preveenting HPV transmission anyway.

    At least 80% of people will get HPV at some point. Most people never have symptoms and are never diagnosed. And there isn't actually any way to be sure ANYONE if free of HPV. Sure, you could break up, but he could get HPV from the next girl. If he's had several partners already, he probably already has been exposed to it.

    Have you thought about suggesting that your partner get Gardasil? Gardasil protect against 2 strains of HPV that cause 70% of cervical cancer and 2 strains that cause 90% of genital warts. 90% is some pretty good protection! I feel like that's really your best option here. It would mean a 6 month wait, but in the meantime, you can have the warts removed. Once removed, you are MUCH less contagious. Once the warts are gone and he has been vaccinated . . . chances are extremely slim that he would get warts from you.

    Good luck!

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    I had a doctors appointment the other day for my 6 month check up. In august, my pap test came back that I had abnormal cervical cells which is caused by HPV. My doctor told me that there are over 80 strands of the virus and that almost all sexually active females will contract at least one strand of HPV in their life time, so do not feel like you are alone in this because you are not. Once you contract HPV, you are supposed to have a pap test every 6 months to see if your cells are getting worse, and if they will eventually cause cervical cancer. I think that you should tell your partner about what you have or you should stop having sex with him. Most men won't show any symptoms of HPV so he will never know he is a carrier, but that still doesn't mean you shouldn't tell him. If you want the best support possible I think you should talk to your doctor. They will know more about HPV than anyone on yahoo answers.

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    hpv is a virus so that means it usually isn't curable. Most of the time this virus goes away for a while and it will eventually come back to the person. The good news is the longer you have this virus the greater chance your body will become immune to it. Some people who have hpv for a while will never visible signs of the virus show up again while others continue to have signs show up. If your signs do go away, you should still continue to get tested for hpv because you can still have it. I have seen sheep skin condoms sold at Walmart or you can always buy them online. I hope everything works out for you.

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    it never goes away. there are many types of hpv though and only a few of them cause warts. i also think you should know one out of four women have some type of hpv so you're def not alone. you should also get the guardasil shot. it can still protect you from the strands that you don't have. and no you don't want to die. my friend's boyfriend cheated on her and got warts and she still doesn't have them so with safe sex and using procautions you can have a sex life without infecting others.

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    o my freakin gosh im like kryin ova ure story!

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