Can someone who is excellent in English answer this question with correct punctuation and grammar?

This is a question on a university application so it must sound good and follow the word limit.

I am applying for mechanical engineering

Reading Interests

Discuss a book or a written article that you particularly enjoyed or that has had an impact on you. The book or article must not be a part of a course at school.

Minimum: 200 words

Maximum: 300 words

I do not enjoy reading books, in fact I would say I hate reading books at all, and therefore I lack the criteria necessary to answer this question because the only books I do read are for school.

Please do not post anything about my “laziness” or how “If I’m smart enough to apply for mechanical engineering, I surely possess the ability to compose a few paragraphs about a book that I particularly enjoyed.” Because I am not lazy and I do not possess the ability to compose a few paragraphs about a book that I particularly enjoyed because I do not enjoy/hate reading!


If you are not going to answer the question, do not respond. I will mark your response as negative it does not simply answer the question.

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    Finding the necessary time and interest needed to invest in reading literature is not something that can be achieved for me at this time. This question is difficult to response to because the books I have read were required reading for my schooling. Therefore I feel that I lack the criteria necessary to fulfill this requirement.

    Try that and feel free to use it if works for you. Hate is a strong word and I wouldn't recommend it. It gives someone the impression that you just don't care; when really you need to give them the feeling that you haven't had time or just haven't had anything that appealed to you. If you can, push your strengths in other subjects other than reading interest. Hope it helps, good luck!

    Source(s): College graduate
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