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(x) asked in Arts & HumanitiesHistory · 1 decade ago

Italy attacks Ethiopia in search of a 2nd Roman Empire = PRECURSOR?!?

Italy attacks Ethiopia in search of a 2nd Roman Empire.

What happened here? How was it a precursor to WW2?

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    Let's go through this step by step:

    - Germany is at the brink of war. And the opposing forces are eying each other. Italy hasn't joined the Axis yet, and the Allies do not want Mussolini to even think of it, and he knows that.

    - Meanwhile, the Italian economy is in shambles and the people are restless and starting to grumble. Mussolini has to do something to turn the people's attention away from him. So he comes up with 'the second Roman Empire' and the 'revenge for Adowa.'

    - The Italians invade Ethiopia, and the Emperor Hailesellasie I of Ethiopia makes a plea to the world to stop the Fascists and help. But the USA and the Allies (who are now fighting the Nazis), still fearing that Mussolini might join the Axis decide to ignore Ethiopia. Later, they will all pass judgment which basically says:

    - An arms embargo on Italy, whom everyone knows has it's own steel and is a manufacturer of arms.

    -An arms embargo on Ethiopia too, whom everyone knows had full faith in the League of Nations (Ethiopia was the only free African signatory member) and was totally unprepared for war because it believed in 'collective security for surety' and had only traditional weapons like spear and swords and old rusted rifles, a few cannons and almost no aircraft.

    Too late, after WWII started, the British realized by occupying Ethiopia and then joining the colony with Libya it could cut the British Empire in Africa in two and also be a threat to both the Mediterranean and Red Seas. It was only then that they kicked into action. General (then Major) Orde Wingate created the 'Gideon Force' that fought a guerrilla warfare that helped to oust the Italians.

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  • Tim D
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    1 decade ago

    It is true that no nation intervened to help Ethiopia, but the impassioned speech by its ruler, Haile Selassie, impressed many and (like the asault on Nanking) made more people conscious of the effects of Axis expansionism. This ultimately led to demands for a stop to it, so when the Axis wouldn't comply e,g, at Poland, the result was WWII.

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    What the quote does no longer make clean is that the Roman 'civilisation' finally collapsed because of the fact the empire became rotten staggering on the centre. The voters of Rome have been so a techniques from the frontiers the place each and all of the action became occurring that they grew to alter into completely divorced from certainty. They have been only saved quiet by utilising the supply of barbaric entertainments, a commonly used loosening of all ethical standards, and politicians keen to do something to preserve the favour of the a lot. right this moment we've the 'benefit' of television to do the comparable for us. i'm confident the questionner is aiming this question on the yankee Empire and that i will see his element. Having considered most of the comments from a number of their voters with connection with contemporary conflicts, i'm confident that maximum human beings truthfully have faith that the exploits of the celebs of show and tv are actual. This leads them to have faith that united states is the saviour of the worldwide. What a tragic bunch. regrettably it fairly is now happening in uk. there's a commonly used slackening of ethical behaviour extra approximately by utilising action picture, television, video games, effective promoting of unnatural intercourse acts, loss of coaching of self-discipline, legal regulations being extra in to circumvent the imposition of punishment for anti-social behaviour and comments. i could go on, yet is it well worth anxious approximately. i'm now sufficiently old to enable something of you stew on your guy or woman filthy society. So, up yours.

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