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Is it true that home made baby food lacks some of the vitamins & nutrition they put in store bought baby food?

I'm planning to make my own baby food, but I heard this from someone, that home made baby food don't have all the nutrition or added vitamins in the manufactured ones. Also, if I make big batches & freeze them, will it loose some nutritional value? If so, how much is lost & how soon?

Thank you in advance for all the advice!

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    I made a lot of my 2nd son's baby food and he doesn't seem to be lacking in anything. He's now 20 months and eats pretty much everything.

    I do suggest you speak with a dietitian for suggestions on combinations for complete nutrition, like i do remember specifically hearing beans and rice pack a better nutritional punch if paired together. One good thing about making your own is that you can mildly season with spices and such that your family uses normally so baby is accustomed to the tastes once they start eating regular foods later on, and you don't have to add any salt to your baby food, most jar foods do contain some weather added or already contained in the foods being cooked.

    You are going to have to look around at health food stores more so to get dried egg yolk if you plan on using it.

    Some prefer to use ice cube trays for portion sizing, those work well for in the beginning in my experience, but we moved on to muffin trays, standard size works well. They were a little hard at times to get out and I wouldn't recommend using pans you want to use for baking in case you scratch the sides poping the frozen cakes out, I did that many times. An ice cube is approximately 1 oz and a muffin puck is about 2 oz depending on the size oc cup you use and how much you put in, mine always seemed to work out to around 2 oz.

    I have to admit I mad things for Jackson I had never eaten like some of the beans and legumes I used, but then again I'm a good eater on my own and don't usually have to worry about proper nutrition on the whole for myself.

    And no, I don't believe freezing baby foods like this lose nutrition, it's more so in the cooking process. Steam as much as you can as opposed to boiling and if you have to boil, use the cooking water to thin the mix, except for broccoli it is not suggested to use the cooking water, but that steams just fine anyway.

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    Commercial baby food has added vitamins, while homemade baby food has natural vitamins. Commercial babyfood also often has high levels of sodium, which your homemade food will not have.

    Yes, freezing anything decreases the nutritional value. But homemade food is way better than commercial food. Furthermore, baby should be getting most of their nutrition from breastmilk or formula anyway. Solids are just for practice and experimentation with new textures until one year of age.

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    If you read the lable on baby food you can see the only thing they add is vitamin C.

    The baby food in a jar is no better, I made all of my daughters and she was really really healthy because it was fresh.

    No freezing them won't hurt the vitamins, and you shouldn't freeze them for longer than a month. I noticed that I made about 2 weeks worth at a time of several different kinds.

    Also you save a lot of money that way

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    Babyfood fruits and juices are commonly fortified with vitamin C. And cereal had added iron.

    And yes, anytime you cook foods and/or freeze them, there is some loss of nutrients.

    This doesn't really make a difference though, since a baby young enough for purees is still getting virtually all her nutrition from breastmilk or formula. Both breastmilk and formula contain ample vitamin C and iron.

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    Homemade baby food is just as healthy if not more healthy then the store bought stuff. It has the added benefit that you know exactly what's going into it and you are controlling any preservatives. Freezing food does not make it magically lose nutritional value either.

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    baby food in jars is cooked as well.

    So, technically they lose nutrients when they are jarred up.

    Of course, they do add vitamin c to them sometimes.

    But your baby is getting enough nutrients from your homemade baby food.

    It will lose some nutrtional value, but as I stated above, so will the baby food in jars.

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