How does exercise and nutrition reduce the impact of heart disease?

and other diseases.

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    Nutrition & heart disease:

    Main culprits are: # Cholesterol - Causing thickening of ar

    # Salt - adds to volume load and causes/worsens hypertension

    # Caffeine : Heart stimulant and can cause arrhythmias

    # Alcohol : Can alter lipid profile and cause Cardiomypathies

    Eating too much saturated dietary fat (the kind found in high-fat meats and dairy products) and cholesterol can cause your body to make more cholesterol, raising your blood cholesterol levels. You can lower your cholesterol level by switching to a lower-fat diet thus reducing intake of animal fat and other fats and eating foods rich in starch and fiber, such as fresh fruits, vegetables, and whole grains.

    Avoiding/moderating caffeine and alcohol, while taking just daily permissible quantities of salt benefit for reasons alluded to earlier.

    Exercise and heart:

    Regular exercise not only reduces total blood cholesterol, but it lowers the bad kind of cholesterol (LDL cholesterol) while raising the good kind of cholesterol (HDL cholesterol). With improved diet, exercise helps to reduce weight/obesity, another cholesterol-risk factor.

    Besides, exercise strengthens the heart muscles and opens up 'natural bypass routes' of the the heart and keeps them in readiness in case of a coronary block.

    And exercise 1) Improve your circulation and help your body use oxygen better. 2)Lower blood pressure. 3) Increase endurance. and then....

    # Improve muscle tone and strength.

    # Improve balance and joint flexibility.

    # Strengthen bones.

    # Help reduce body fat and help you reach a healthy weight.

    # Help reduce stress, tension, anxiety and depression.

    # Boost self-image and self-esteem.

    # Improve sleep.

    # Make you feel more relaxed and rested.

    # Make you look fit and feel healthy.

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    Stop using taxes to push your moralizing nutritional agenda. Let people eat what they want and pay for the consequences. P.S. A heart-healthy diet is not one that is high in carbohydrates. Cereal and milk have lots of sugar and lots of other carbohydrates that spike blood sugar and leave a person feeling hungry a few hours later. There are lots of HEALTHIER ways to get fiber without all the sugar and carbohydrates that metabolize quickly and turn into fat (which contributes to high triglycerides, by the way). Don't you see? We all have our ideas about what "healthy" is. Maybe I should tax you for being a carb hog since I am on a low-carbohydrate diet and have had a LOT more success than you.

  • well

    healthy diet & lifestyle, are keys to healthy body and body organs


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