How to light up my room to imitate day light?

I have set up some objects for a still life painting. I've decided that the set up looks best when there is indirect sun light.

But I am at work during the day and cannot paint until night.

I tried to use a desk lamp, but its light looked harsh compared to the sun filtering through my window.

How do I use lamps to imitate the sun? Is there a specific lamp I should buy?

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    There are full spectrum bulbs available online at someplace like: or

    I prefer the warmer 5500k range over the cooler 6500k even though they are purported to be closest to sunlight. I cannot stand the icy cold blue/gray. Get the highest CRI (at least 93 CRI- (color rendering index- basically the higher this number is the more variations of colors will be discernible under the light). If I have to work for hours there is some psychological benefit beyond true color representation that must factor into my choices. I use a combination of free standing spot lamps with the coil fluorescent bulbs and a few banks of tubes.

    You can construct a bank or fixture that replaces a window at night. It can be hung from the ceiling or high on the wall.

    Artificial lighting doesn't compare to natural sunlight. The shadows will be where it is really different. In natural light the shadows have more color. There isn't a bulb made that matches it. The shadows under the best artificial lighting will have less color and the overall effect will be a deadened tone compared to the sun. We are better off than ever before so we can't really complain.

    Now there are two things to consider when lighting the studio. You have your painting area and then you have a staged scene. The stage for a still life or a model has to be protected from the spill over of workspace light. People use large pieces of cardboard to control lighting. It ends up looking messy but this is what you have to accept unless you have a large studio space that is so large that the two areas can be lit without affecting one another. You can also use curtains. You can also use white muslin (transparent) when you want to soften the light more.

    You want the stage to be isolated and controlled. Many people use a large cardboard box painted black inside. Hole can be cut in the top and side then scraps of cardboard cover or limit the light that comes through either from a lamp or the sunlight from a window during the daytime. The scraps are slid to enlarge and reduce the opening.

    Look here for ideas on this box for setting up a still life:

    (the DVD is highly recommended for beginning painters. It will boost you to the moon in the shortest amount of time. Mark Carder has devised an ingenious approach to painting).

    When lighting your workspace the canvas/easel and palette must have identical lighting otherwise your color and values will be off as you attempt to match them when mixing. In other words, do not place a spotlight on your canvas then have indirect light on your palette where you mix the paint. They both need a spotlight if either has one. Also make sure you canvas is evenly lit. Look to see if the light is stronger from the top of a side. This will throw off the values and color in the composition if it is not even across the surface.

    If you are just starting out, you can find 5500k and 6500k fluorescent bulbs at a Home Depot or Lowes type of home improvement store. They carry a Natural Daylight bulb that is comfortable. The CRI will be lower but the convenience and price are appealing and their bulbs are still far better than standard household incandescent lighting to work under.

    Look at this studio space. It is messy but you can see that the still life arranged is in different light than the canvas and palette table. Sadie Valerie accomplishes this by hanging a large piece of white illustration board high from the ceiling to block out the light of her spotlights and fluorescent light fixtures so she can use precise custom lighting on her arrangement that is on the table:

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    You should take the shade off of a lamp to get a real bright light and then, between what your drawing and the light bulb, put as many sheets of wax paper as you want to adjust the amount of light while still having it resonate fairly well.

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