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Which Is A Better Tank? (WoW)?

What is a better tank for a human: Paladin or Warrior (Protection spec'd)

OR A Blood Elf Paladin? Thanks

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    well, as a 4 year WoW player (I quit 3 months ago), but with the Wrath of the Lich King expansion, I would definitely go for a paladin. Yknow, righteous defence, bubble, the armor. All that. Sure, warriors do make great tanks since the expansion but warriors are great more so for PvP. Paladins are good, and with the blood elf racial ability, interupting spells would come in handy

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    Druid Bear doesn't slip into the options anywhere!? :'-( Sad day, 'cause a druid tank is nearly impossible to kill and every raid I've been a part of lately has a druid as their main tank.

    With the options you gave, though, I would choose Human Paladin. Pallies are fun to play, hardy as tanks but also can help out with their own survivability (through the spells and heals they can pop), and humans have that rep bonus.

    Anyway, good luck choosing the one you want. ((I would say be a B.E. to win another to the Horde but there are better races for tanking, in my opinion))

    Source(s): Lvl 80 Druid and Mage
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  • 1 decade ago

    I always go with paladins for tanks, always more successful in my opinion, although i haven't played the game in a long time

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