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Please help me with this Am.History question!!?

Should people today who display the Confederate flag (“the Stars and Bars”) be considered advocates of racial oppression and intolerance. Exaplain why?


cont'd...or simply defenders of Southern history and tradition?

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    I know that some people feel that the Confederate flag is more than just a symbol of slavery and social injustice, that it also is a representation of the old way of life in the Antebellum South, with all its sentiment, gallantry, chivalry, etc.

    However, it cannot be ignored that it also includes slavery as its message, and slavery is a terrible offense to all civilized people, especially those who had direct experience with it, and as such it is a terrible reminder of the oppression that took place, and the evil inherent in that system.

    How do people feel about the display of the Nazi flag, the one with the swastika? Isnt that essentially the same concept? I say no swastika, no stars and bars--they are not symbols of an old grandeur, they are symbols of a terrible wrong that tens of thousands gave up their lives to defeat. And for old sentimentalists, find another symbol to represent yourselves, one that doesnt conjur up such intense feelings of hatred.

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    Because the flag was used by people who were fighting, among other things to keep slavery. To my knowledge, and I could be wrong about this I know, the flag did not come into existence until the time of the Civil War (and/or War between the States). If it was around for some time, it might be easier to convince people it just meant Southern history, but as a Civil War symbol that is how it looks.

    I'm sure if you look at any flag it can have negative connotations. In the US at one time, the Union Jack would have been hated, as a symbol of when Britain ruled. In some parts of the world the US flag is hated. A Nazi flag is most certainly seen as evil by most. But all flags have some who love it and some who hate it.

    I think from what I have seen, and I live in a 'border state', a lot of people who would display a Confederate flag are people who might be bigots, or maybe not, people who might or might not be anti-US government in many ways, and just 'rebels'. It is kind of ironic, because 40 years ago, most 'rebels' were on the left and some of those who have Confederate flags are rebels on the right.

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    What did the Confederates believe in? Where did they live and how did they make a living? Why did they want to have their own nation? Why didn't they want to be part of the northern union?

    The flag represents the South as it was before the Civil War. So think about what the South was like. If someone flies that flag now, some people believe they are supporting those same ideas and values while some people may argue that they are just remembering history. You need to form your own opinion.

    If someone flies the Nazi flag, are they doing it to remember history or are they making a statement?

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