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deciding between 2 John green books, or the lovely bones...?

Okay so i am going to buy some new books today and i heard that john green's books are really good. i was thinking of getting "looking for Alaska"and "paper town" but then i thought that "an abundance of katherines" may be better than paper town...

i also wanted to purchase the book "the lovely bones" because i saw the movie and loved it!

i was looking to buy only two probably...

so has anyone read these books and could help me of which ones would be the best to read

BTW! this is for a teen reader!!


so what would be your 1-4 choices? 1 being the best

Update 2:

so what would be your 1-4 choices? 1 being the best

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    I've read all of John Green's books, but I haven't read The Lovely Bones.

    I personally would recommend An Abundance of Katherines and Looking for Alaska. Paper Towns is a really good book as well, but you're only looking to buy two books. :]

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