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Whats a good Shampoo?

I have dry frizzy, thick hair. I'm looking a shampoo that will make it soft again. I've used head and shoulders, Garnier Fructis (sleek&shine), and herbal essence. and those haven't really worked for me. Hope you can suggest some thing that is available at drugstores or something cause i don't have enough money for expensive salon brands. Thanks!

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    ANYTHING Paul Mitchell I have used almost all of his products and they are AMAZING! Although, they are a bit pricey, but worth it.

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    Matrix Biolage it works like magic :) but it's like $80 :S so if you dont want to spend that much money try any Pantene shampoos they work so good on my hair and i have thick frizy hair too ( try Pantene Health shine)

    DO NOT USE Garnier Fructis VERY VERY BAD FOR YOUR HAIR .. it damages you hair, my hair dresser said that when she does her couses they said not to use it because it damages your hair.

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    Out of all the drug store shampoos, Herbal Essences, tresemme, head and shoulders, garnier, etc. Pantene worked the BEST. I have the nature fusion moisture balance shampoo and conditioner and it is AMAZING. It also smells wonderful! Try it, it will work!

    So, out of all these



    3:Herbal Essences


    1 being best 4 being worst! Good luck!

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    Panten Pro V works wonders on the hair(:

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    The best shampoo that I have used is made by V05. It is exceptionally cheap, and works wonders. It smells great, adds great shine, cleans great, and makes hair soft. V05 conditioner is exceptional as well. It cost me .98 cents.

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    Aussi cleanse and mend is rly good

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    pantene pro v or dove they both work magic

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    the one that i use. even though it dont work for me eitha. :)

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