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WHats the differnece between hemp and marijuana?

So, to my understanding, Hemp adn Marijuana both come from the cannibis satvia plant.

how are they different?

i know that hemp and marijuan contain ery differen levels of THC, so how cnathey com from the same plant? :S


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    They do not come from the same plant. Industrial Hemp and Marijuana are two different Sub-Species of the plant Cannabis sativa.

    Their classification goes:

    Cannabis sativa sativa (Industrial Hemp; maximum THC content of .9%)

    Cannabis sativa indica (Marijuana)

    Contrary to most of the answers so far, they are not the same plant anymore than a Grizzly Bear is a Kodiak Bear, or a Malaysian Tiger is a Siberian Tiger. They may be in the same species group (just like the Grizzly Bear and Kodiak Bear are both in the Brown Bear species group and the Malaysian Tiger and Siberian Tiger are both in the Tiger species group), but that does not mean that they are the same. There are vast differences between the two plants, just like there are vast differences between Grizzly and Kodiak Bears.

    C. sativa sativa is the plant that has strong fibers, high protien, low THC and the most harvestable/efficient source of ethanol fuel among all plants.

    C. sativa indica is the plant that has weak fibers that are absolutely useless, low protien, unharvestable ethanol, high THC content, cancer fighting agents (if ingested by means other than smoking) and many many other medical values.

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    Hemp is marijuana

    The plant can be bred to contain higher levels of THC (such as super skunk)

    Hemp is a plant which is used for it's fibre. The levels of THC do not need to be high (in fact some plants have been bred to contain almost negligable levels of THC)..

    Unfortunately the average person cannot tell the difference. A few years ago there was a farm growing legal hemp (low level THC) in essex. It was visible from the M25 and subsequently people descended on the place and stole whole (4 or 5 feet tall) plants. In the end they ploughed the remaining crop into the ground.

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    Hemp and marijuana are both cannabis, they're the same thing.

    If you didn't already know this, cannabis plants have both a male and a female, so just like us, us they can create a whole variety. Marijuana is breed to produce lots of buds and THC, hemp is breed strictly for size so it can be used for raw material.

    That should answer it. :)

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    In 1619 Jamestown Colony, Virginia enacted laws ordering farmers to grow hemp. Similar laws were enacted in Massachusetts in 1631, Connecticut in 1632 and the Chesapeake Colonies in the mid-1700's.

    Even though the U.S. government encouraged American farmers to grow hemp for WWII and had even accepted it as payment of taxes in Colonial America, it is now prohibited to grow hemp in the United States.

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    the whole plant contains thc just like you can tell any tree by its leaves and its bark and core it all contains the same chemials. marijuana is the leaves, but hemp is made from the stalk of the plant

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