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Why are people so afraid of the government and unwilling to punish they're politicians?

I thought treason was punishable by death? Why do Americans let Obama be president of the UN and the USA when it is treason?

Why don't Canadians punish Harper or any of our politicians?

Is it because of the effects of fluoride in our water?

Fun fact, Hitler was the first person to put fluoride in the water supply for his Jewish concentration camps so that people wouldn't want to try and resist/escape.

Fluoride is more poisonous then lead and slightly less then arsenic, it puts people into a submissive state of mind while causing a number of different physical ailments.

Fluoride is so poisonous that if u swallow dime sized dot of tooth paste it says on the back to call a poison control center immediately. While that dime sized dot has the same amount of fluoride in it as an 8oz glass of water at .7 ppm. That's point seven parts per million, the average dose in most water supplies.

Why is it that some cities/towns have different levels of fluoride in they're water and the death rates in each city reflect those levels. More fluoride in the water = higher mortality rates in those cities that have higher levels of it.

So why after they tell us it is good for us does everyone leave them in power after poisoning us for so long?

Why is it nobody cares that H1N1 was a bird virus that existed for 1000's of years that didn't affect humans until it was genetically modified,and there is a patent for it proving its not natural?Why is it that they said it was a pandemic when it's obviously not, and why are they cramming an untested vaccine for it down our throats?

Why does the codex alimentarius that went into affect Dec. 30 2009 classifies our nutrients like calcium and vitamin c as poisons that are to be reduced in our food not bother anyone? Why did they bring back many banned pesticides that have proven to be harmful to humans and nature alike? Why do they now FORCE growth hormones in every single head of cattle even though it's been proven to increase the risk of cancer in the humans that eat the meat? Literally every head of cattle.

What will it take to make our world right again?


Too Crocoduck:

If H1N1 came solely from Mexico why does it have parts of Asian and European H1N1.

Also H1N1 was a virus that only effected birds, not pigs. To make H1N1 affect humans it also required contact with a specific mutagen of which I can't remember the name.

The chemical was found in the factory you speak of, but that still begs the question "How did the other parts of it get there?" and "Why is there a patent for the combination of European, Asian and North American H1N1 viruses with swine flu and Spanish flu?". Spanish flu was a bio weapon created and used by the USA, fact.

Update 2:

Also fluoride has been proven to cause brain damage.

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    Individually not enough money but with links to internet, instructions on pamphlets and publishing books plus how.when, and where to assemble and provide funds it could be possible to go to Ottawa and recall the politicians.

    The next step is training manuals for citizen U.N. Troops to protect rights.

    Then perhaps United Nations Charter in addition to other rights as part of a world constitution. This provides more protection and stops future torture threat to all Earth citizens Bush admin unleashed after 9/11.

    As to treason Obama would not have to be U.N. President the organization would back up the constitution. There might be a set up with more than one President or Prime Minister. Then a Congress or Parliament set up.

    The question then is who becomes government and accountability. So we could require more people from world and then limitation on amount of cars in streets plus giving hundred dollar an hour wages . Remember people said these countries were rich.

    Source(s): U.N. Charter, ideas.
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    Not sure about the fluoride thing and the H1n1 showed up near a factory farm in Mexico where tens of thousands of pigs live in their own feces (perfect place for diseases to evolve).

    It's mostly about the profits of big corporations. They very much are trying to take away nutritional supplements, water down organic standards, and so forth.

    There are people who run for office who are truly independent of the corporate system. It's not even a left wing issue or a right wing issue. On the left you've got Dennish Kucinch on the right there's Ron Paul. Problem. The problem is that the corporate controlled media smears them and there aren't enough educated people who get their news from truly independent sources.

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    you speak a lot of truth except for one thing. Our world was never right to begin with.

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