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Canucks Big-Wigs in Montreal?

So, the Vancouver Canucks GM, Asst GM, and two scouts are in Montreal tonight watching the Blues vs. Habs game. My guess is that they are looking for cheap d-men. What do you think?


Mickey - the thumbs down are probably because Bieksa is out for months, Mitchell is injured, and Salo too..

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    I am a Canucks fan too.

    I don't think they are looking for cheap d-men, we already have good defense { Sami Salo, Christain Erhoff, Shane O'Brian, Kevin Bieska, etc }

    I think they are there because of the Burrows incident. Burrows lives in Montreal, so they are probably trying to defend him.

    EDIT - What's with all the thumbs down?

  • Bobbo
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    They are in town to visit Club Super Sexe.

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