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Korean Sad love songs?

I'm looking for some Korean sad love songs. Something like how a guy likes a girl but they can only be friends. Something along those lines. You can add your fav sad love songs and just give a short description on it. Umm i know haru haru by big bang is sad but it's a lil too upbeat for me. Im kinda looking for a slower tempo


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    - Confession of a Friend (친구의 고백)


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    - This Song (이 노래)


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    Mate (메이트)

    - Lean on You (너에게..기대)


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    - Come Back To Me

    - Why (왜)


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    Gummy (거미)

    - I'm Sorry (미안해요) (feat. TOP)


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    Seo In kook (서인국)

    - Calling You (부른다)


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    No Named Face (이름 없는 얼굴)

    - No Title (제몰없음) (feat. Freestyle..)


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    - Please Tell Me Why


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    Alex (알렉스)

    - 나쁜짓


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    - 그대라면


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    If by TaeYeon of SNSD Bad Guy by JOO Mistake by SNSD Riding the Train/Train Ride by IU Yet/Still by Orange Caramel Star Star Star by SNSD Clenching a Tight Fist by B2ST Wedding Dress by Taeyang (I recommend english ver. of his song so u know the meaning :) Day After Day / Haru Haru by Kim Bo Kyung Cry by MBLAQ Quasimodo by SHINee Take Care Of My Boyfriend by Younha We Broke Up Today By Younha Not sad but are ballad songs : Like a Star by TaeYeon and The One What I Want To Do When I Have A Lover by G.NA ft. Rain Cool And Natural by 4Minute One by SHINee

  • 로야
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    1 decade ago

    ooh ~ i love sad songs ~ and ballads ~ so i can recommend you quite a few because i listen to them a lot ^^

    ok, first, i really recommend you to listen to the ballads of Super Junior's Jo Kyu Hyun.

    Oh and Holding back the tears by DBSK

    Jo Kyu Hyun:

    Listen.. to You (그대를 듣죠) (Pasta OST)

    7 Year Love Song (7년간의 사랑)

    Sung Si Kyung

    Road to Me (내게 오는 길)

    Super Junior K.R.Y

    For One Person (한 사람만)

    Just You (그껏뿐이에요)

    I Don't Know (몰랐죠)

    Stop Walking By (걸음을 멈추고)

    Super Junior:

    What If

    She's Gone


    I Believe

    My Little Princess

    Holding Back the Tears

    You Only Love


    My Friend's Confession

    Can't Let You Go Even If I Die


    It's Love (Sunny & Tae Yeon duet)

    Hey I'll just email it to you cause I've got a very long list ^^

    Source(s): i listen to lots of these types of songs pick me as best answer ~ haha
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    you can look up some ballad singers like

    fly to the sky





    Lee Seung Gi

    some songs of Kim Jong ****


    Kim Tae Woo

    and there's many more. you can google korean ballad singers :]

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    I don't want to put too many because it would just get complicated, so here are a few.

    Like Being Shot - Baek Ji Yeong

    Don't Forget Me - Baek Ji Yeong

    I Dont Have a Heart - 8eight

    Those are some of my favorite ballads. (:

  • Anna
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    Goodbye-Jang Geun Suk yes sad to me and its an ost from a good drama! =]

    Im Sorry-Gummy TOP

    Because of you-Gummy

    Do you know-someday

    Wedding Dress-Taeyang

    You might come back-2PM

    I hate you-2Pm tho this one is a lil fast but still good song

    Lie-Ft island

    i dont know many titles to Ft island but they have some really good songs search them up sorry i couldnt list them

    What shoud i do-park da ye


    thank you-kim hyun joong

    sorru couldnt name more but someof them are really good songs but idk if you like the way it is like the beat of it if its too fast for you anyways ~Peace~

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    Baek Ji young - Like being hit by a bullet


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    Kim Dong Ryul - Drunken Truth


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    Lee Seung G i- Words that are hard to say


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    Izi - Emergency Room


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    Mate - I Miss/Longing


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    Yoon Do Hyun - Sarang hen na bwah

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    there is.....

    ~ Wedding Dress by Taeyang from Big Bang

    ~ Next Day by Seungri from Big Bang ( slower then wedding dress)

    ~ As if Nothing is Wrong by TOP Big Bang

    ~ Love Sick by FT Island (alittle fast)

    ~ Lies by T-ara

    you can find more songs on jpopasia.com

  • yix
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    1 decade ago

    이승철 - 그런 사람 또 없습니다

    린(Lyn) - 실화, 미련 (remake)

    케이윌(K.will) - 그립고 그립고 그립다

    문희준 - Toy

    토이 - 내가 너의 곁에 잠시 살았다는 걸

    김종국 - 잘해 주지 마요, 한남자

    Vibe - 그남자 그여자 (Feat. Jang Hye Jin)

    이승기 - 우리헤어지자

    On air OST - 그림자 - 송윤아

    태연- 만약에

    동방신기 - 인사 , 믿어요

    성시경 - 그 자리에 그 시간에, 두사람, 축복

    Shin seung hoon - 어떡하죠 (Heaven's tree Ost)

    백지영- 잊지 말아요 (Iris Ost)

    솔비 - 벌 받을 거야

    선데이브런치 - 200km/h

    왁스 - 여자는 사랑을 먹고

    J (Feat 알렉스) - 눈부신 날에

    Rain - Move on, 익숙치 않아서, 난

    Mose - 사랑인걸

    Yozoh feat Eric - Nostalgia

    Epitone project - 그대는 어디에 (Featuring 한희정)

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