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Alaskan Husky?Siberian Husky?Alaskan Malamute?

Hi there, I know about malamutes and siberian huskies but im confused about alaskan huskies? I know that the malamute is a large furry dog, whereas the siberian husky is smaller and less fur. What will the alaskan husky look like? Thanks

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    An Alaskan husky is not a cross between a Siberian and Malamute.

    It is technically not a breed, but a type of dog. Bred specifically to be a working dog, pulling sleds for either distance or speed. Although many people are not familiar with or confused about the Alaskan husky; people who bred them (like myself) do so by researching the well documented bloodlines of proven* Alaskan huskies. *proven means that they have been successful as racing or working dogs, the best bloodlines often have multiple champion quality dogs over generations. As well as watching and working with promising dogs and bloodlines. And breeding from these to try and have the best possible litter of pups for their goals. There are some traits that Alaskan huskies share, good coat for arctic conditions, and an athletic build.

    Although a dog who is not technically a Alaskan husky may be bred in for effect in general Alaskans are bred to Alaskans. people do not 'create' an Alaskan just by breeding 2 northern looking dogs together.

    The type does change and grow over time, for instance recently people have been crossing different hound type dogs with Huskies to try and create faster sprint dogs. But out of recognition that the Alaskan is its own type, and this new cross is different they are commonly referred to as "husky-hounds" "euro-hounds" and "pointer crosses" in mushing circles.

    Because it is a type there are no 'breed standards' and Alaskans are actually judged more on performance then looks, so it is safe to say that they come in all shapes and sizes and colors.

    here are some good articles that explain more about the Alaskan husky:



    Source(s): Alaskan dog musher
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    Do some research. Start with the AKC page and the Alaskan Malamute Club of America. There is a lot of information online and some great books out there. Don't base your decision on an online forum! That being said: Mals are great dogs, but they were developed to be an arctic breed where they had to think for themselves. They are not easy to train, especially for novice owners. Trying to force one into doing something will backfire. Use positive methods and make the dog think it was his idea all along. Unlike some breeds, the Mal will be more likely to think for himself instead of trying to do whatever it is you want. They are smart enough to train you instead of the other way around! Many tend to be dominant. Mals need a lot of grooming and exercise, and you must use great care during warmer weather. This is not a breed that you can leave alone in the yard or kennel all day. They will dig, bark, chew, and become extremely destructive if bored. You need to involve your pup in the family, not leave it by itself. Mals will jump or climb fences just to prove they can. Some tend to be dog aggressive. Many view smaller animals as prey and will hunt and/or kill rabbits, birds, squirrels, cats, etc. They are also prone to health problems if purchased from unreputable sources. Take a few weeks (or more) and do your research. Call and talk to some breeders. Make sure you buy from a REPUTABLE breeder instead of from a newspaper ad or a pet store. Such a breeder will be willing to visit with you and let you know the pros and cons of the breed and assess whether this would be a good fit for you. Anyone who tells you this is the perfect dog for everyone and that there are no bad things about it does not have your best interest or the pups' in mind-- they are merely trying to make a sale.

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    Alaskan Huskies are NOT sibe/mal mixes.

    However they are mutts.

    The term "Alaskan Husky" is used to describe a sled dog of mixed lineage for various reasons. So say maybe a Siberian Husky/Border Collie/Hound/Canadian Eskimo. Therefore any photo I show you can and likely will look completely different than another you may see.

    These dogs are bred to improve their sled-pulling abilities, not for a specific look

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    Alaskan husky- http://files.dogster.com/images/dogster/breeds/ala...

    Siberian husky- http://pirun.ku.ac.th/~b5013400/pics/siberian_husk...

    Alaskan malamute- http://www.justdogbreeds.com/images/breeds/alaskan...


    You can at least search the alaskan malamute on google images!

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    According to Wikipedia it is not a breed of dog. Just a type or class of dog. It is a spitz type dog with pointy ears and long hair (fur).

    Source(s): wikipedia.
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    it is a mut between the to dogs and will have features from each

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    Its a cross between the two breeds. It can have traits form either breed.

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