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Death Note: Another Note?

Well, I am a huge fan of Death Note and I just finished watching it. And I now want to read Death Note: Another Note. So my question is: in Canada, does Chapters have it?

And I can't buy it online.

Thanks so much!


I read L Change The WorLd. It was amazing! So that's why I want to read Death Note: Anoher Note. :3

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    Yes, yes you can.

    There's a box on the right sidebar where you can search your location and the site will tell you if it has the book or not.

    Also, you should check out the other Death Note novel 'L: Change the WorLd' based on the third Death Note liveaction movie. (I'm pretty sure you can watch the movies on Veoh)

    I know for a fact that they sell Death Note novels at chapters because I bought mine there and it's usually in the Adult Graphic Novel/Manga section beside the Death Note manga.

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    if there is a Kinokuniya book store in Canada, then you can pruchase it there..

    The novel is good! ive read it when i first came out :D

    i dont live in Canada, but im sure that big popular bookstores might have it. :D

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    hmm.. well it's going to hard to find a manga store i canada with death note. so i suggest you read it online for free. :)


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