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Are we now the society built upon double think?

Double-Think. "Doublethink means the power of holding two contradictory beliefs in one's mind simultaneously, and accepting both of them". - George Orwell

Jobless recovery

War on terror

Liberating while occupying Iraq

Police are public servants who will put you in a cage for the corporate work houses if you disobey them

Free for $9.95 Or free with purchase

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    Perhaps this is the cause of a massive wave of cognitive dissonance today?

    Nothing is true anymore it seems.

    When was the last time the IRS (Internal Revenue Service) actually served you?

    Why does the Department of Defense wage war?

    I think that deep down we know this society is terribly wrong. But we don't want to be singled out. We all want to be "normal" so we never bring this up. All the while we help create a society where lies are out in broad day light. But it's okay, we can still deny they exist because they sound like what we want to believe.

    True power isn't gained by forcing someone's mindset to change for your benefit-it is gained by using the mindset they already have against them.

    Do you honestly think 9.8 million Germans joined the Nazi party because they were coerced? No. They joined because it was fitting to the mindset they already had.

    Pride, work, loyalty, patriotism and superiority. These things are very tempting, and we want to think we embody them so we join those movements that claim that they do.

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    More people should read Orwell. If you look close you will see other parallels. Twitter and texting is simplifying our language to remove many of the more difficult concepts. We change the meaning of words routinely to be more politically convenient. Were not anything like Orwell's vision but there are some uncomfortable parallels.

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    By George, I think you've got it.

    Fight for peace.

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    Perfect good question. Look around everything has been merge.

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    Yep more like no think

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