How can I sway this girl to have a long distance relationship.?

Lemme start by stating: Both of us are 17 goin on 18 this year. We don't go to the same school. The distance from my house to her house is 13.56miles/22km(mapquest it) and we both like like each other. We want to have a relationship but the distance is the other thing thats stopping us. This year, I can probably see her twice at the most because of sports-related transportation from my school to her school. Is there a way that I can sway her to have a relationship even though we can rarely see each other. Btw, taxi, public transit and a reliable adult driver/both of us are out of the question.

Be straight up with the answers because that will be the only way it'll help this situation. Thanks in advance.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Dude if you love her then the distance shouldn't be a problem, in fact it should make her love + want you more. Go for it bud, long distance relationship is hard to keep up but at the end if it still works u got a future with the girl :) so my answer is u have a chance :)

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    If you're seeing each other twice a year, then don't waste your time. As much as you may like each other, long distance relationships are pointless unless you put in the efforts to see each other.

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