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What do you think about my Mock Baseball team? Where can I improve?

C - McCann

1B - Delgado

2B - Utley

3B - Michael Young

SS - Theriot

OF - Ellsbury, Beltran, Rivera, Wells

Util - Hill

SP - Kershaw, Lackey, Billingsley, Happ, Danks

RP - Nathan, Rivera, Franklin

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    Unlike what Cody says, I believe that your starting pitching is your strongest point. Those are 5 very solid starting pitchers and they are all very good strikeout pitchers. Your closers are amazing as well. As far as this team goes, everything looks pretty solid. McCann is a top 3 catcher, Utley is the number 1 2B in baseball, you have two very good outfielders (Ellsbury and Beltran) and two mediocre ones (is that Juan Rivera, by the way?). I would see what I could get for 1B (Delgado has pop, but he's been getting hurt a lot in the recent years) and outfield as well. Hill is a great Util player (if that is Aaron Hill...HUUUUGE year last year). Your team is pretty solid, nonetheless. It is very well rounded.

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    you can improve by getting rid of wells and ellsbury, since they dont put up great stats consisntly. also your starting pitchers look alittle weak. try and get a strikeout pitcher instead of stamina pitchers, because those kind of pitchers give up lots of homeruns. also delgado is washed up, hes slowing falling stats wise, and is a defensive liability, i would get teixara or someone of his caliber instead.

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