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Who was the idiot that was the 12th man in the huddle that made the Vikings lose to New Orleans ?

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    Okay, to actually answer the question, I'm pretty sure it was the fullback Tahi who wasn't supposed to be in the huddle.

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  • It's amazing how little people know about football. As a team, the Vikings including Brett put Brett into a tough situation. How do you as a team, put up more than twice as many yards and still lose the game? One less fumble early on and the Vikings wouldn't of had to worry about it. 4 turnovers going into the final couple of minutes, puts the whole team in extreme pressure. Farve was beat to a pulp running for his life most of the game. Playing with a severe sprain in his ankle. Wow he must really be envied to be so hated. Either that or people just don't understand football.

    I have no vested interest because I'm not a fan of either team, but how can anyone expect a man to play any better who was clearly knocked around all day. It's amazing he rated as high as he did.

    Whats even more interesting that a 40 year old QB is rated number 2 in a league of pro athletes. That says to me there will be plenty of teams trying to get this guy for next year.

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    Some old man that crept into the huddle, still believing in his feeble mind what they repeat on Sportscenter nightly: that he is the best.

    That call didn't make them lose, nor did any other singular call. The 5 turnovers didn't help, neither did an inexplicable (but somehow inevitable) interception that didn't allow them the chance to kick a field goal to win.

    All the Vikings "fans" need to get over it. Just like the Cardinals "fans," the Patriots "fans" and all other bandwagon riders have had to in the past few years. The Vikings lost that game fair and square. Look at it this way: now you can all jump on a new bandwagon! You can have a new favorite team and jersey for the Super Bowl!

    Cry me a river all you want, then cry one next year for your next "favorite" team. Pick a team and stay with it. Then maybe I could or would sympathize with you (but I won't). I have been a Seattle Seahawks/Mariners/Sonics fan for many years and trust me, I have had my share of heartaches. The difference is that I have never strayed from that. I am already tired of people crying about this game when they have been fans for less than a year.

    Build a bridge...........GET OVER IT. Vikings lost, fairy tale over. Now go trade in your Favre jersey for a Brees or Manning one and act like you've loved those teams for your whole life...

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    I don't think that 5 yards helped the Saints in any kind of way. Maybe a little but the saints has more penaties and gave up ways more yards than the viking does.

    I saw the viking made some excuses about losing to the Saints and it ain't right.

    the viking said they gave the saints way too many turn over. The word "Gave"..... no one "gave" anybody anything. The Saints actually work for it? Did Bret Farve just walk to 1 of the saints' player and actually hand over the football? The Saints did a great job and they deserse that win =) GO SAINTS!

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    He didn't lose the game for the Vikings. Favre did, by trying to be a hero when all he needed to do was run for a few yards.

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    Brad Childress

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    Brett Favre. Vikings lose again.

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    The 12th man didn't hurt Minnesota any, it was that pass Brett Favre threw. All Brett had to do was to run for a few yards and slide. Let Longwell try to kick a field goal. Once again, Brett blew it when he threw it.

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    Obviously Brad Childress.

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    Brett Favre.

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