RuneScape - Type of Range to use for PvP?


My pure has

60 attack

71 strength

70 ranged

2 defence

26 prayer

I can use D scimmy and Dds. What type of range should I use (Magic short, dragon darts, rune knives, Karil's, Rune c'bow) along with my D scimmy and Dds? I just can't decide. Or should I even ranged since have a D scimmy?

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    1 decade ago
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    Range definetly, Range is the most deadly attack in my opinion. Mages are slow, but have strong spells, but the time they hit in a good high attack a strong fast ranger can get a good 3 arrows in. And against cloth armour if you use strong arrows itll do some pretty strong damage. If you get close enough to the mage melee is the best option, knock the crap outta him with that Dragon.

    Source(s): Use to be a pro runescape ranger. (99 range)
  • 4 years ago

    properly the selection/2h replaced into good yet everone is used to it now.. I had a organic mage.. i replaced into no longer keen on it ither on the time yet once you've the potential to get blitz or barrage you'll own and make alot of money. besides the undeniable fact that it does value alot to get there and maintian it.. the easy melee is continually sensible in pvp, if you're going all out and practise to the ninety 9's bypass for 75 attack ninety 9 str 0def (you do desire a organic no longer a zerca?) This leaves your thoughts open as you're making funds.. useing dds and d skim or whip and dds then shifting onto ags and claws in case you prefer to hurry human beings and make some quick funds (and make human beings mad :P) With the intoduction of the hand cannon rangers have become quite solid.. get selection and a touch def for void and also you may want to possess with the cannon or d bow what ever your into ;) good success mate

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    1 decade ago

    if it was me going in there i would definitely use a magic bow for long range and a dds for close range attacks so i am prepared for any attack

    Source(s): a runescape gamer
  • 1 decade ago

    i would use rune c bow with onyx bolts (e)

    super strong to be honest :)

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  • 1 decade ago

    those obby rings or dragon darts

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