What is the most reliable GPT (Get Paid To) site?

What is the most reliable GTP site that you have tried? I am looking for extra money and would like to sign up on a GTP site to complete serveys yada yada, but I am not sure if they are reliable, and will pay me and not steal my identity. If you can suggest any that you have tried and know that they're safe, please answer.


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    You can try CrownGPT

    U can pretty much make about 5 dollars a week just by doing PTC (Paid-to-click ads)

    I joined on tuesday and I have already made 5 dollars...i havent withdrawn it yet cuz im waiting for like $10 or so...

    Each PTC gives 5 cents...not 0.005 or anything like that...but 5 whole cents...and ususally there are about 14 ...

    Also..the minimum payout is $5.

    EDIT: Also, u also need to provide a phone number so that Crowngpt will phone u or text u a verification code...however...it does not charge u a fee...


    Please sign up under me. Thanks. I will answer any and all questions

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    I recieved over $200 from points2shop in a little under 3 months.

    Points2shop is by far the best site for earning free cash/prizes. I've been a member of all the get free stuff websites: Prizerebel, Swagbucks, Lockerz, Rewards1, and cashcrate. They were all really hard to earn points on. It was very time consuming. And I never got anything from those sites.

    If I were you I'd go to points2shop. You can earn points so easily on points2shop by completing offers, surveys, or even playing games! I just received an ipod nano from points2shop in the mail last month. Points2shop is best, fastest, and easiest site for getting free stuff. Best of all Points2shop is 100% free.

    If you need to know more information you can check their forums where members post the things that they have received for earning points on the points2shop website below.

    The only way to get 250 free bonus points is by going to the link below and signing up.


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    Taking paid surveys implies sharing your viewpoint about items and concepts that need instructions it' simple truly - lots of business do paid research study to find exactly what the general public think and want. They commission marketing research companies to do pay studies to find out what you and I believe, so we can earn money for our viewpoint whilst attempting to change things!

    Your time is important and you have the power to influence excellent things, here https://tr.im/059p1 is the bridge between your ideas and different services or products. Let your voice be heard and influence the future with the online surveys!

    Lots of people are looking two things: easy job and the convenience of your very own home and with this website you got them both.

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    On this site http://www.goobypls.com/r/rd.asp?gid=555 you can find real companies and networks that are willing to pay you to know your opinion about their products.

    I'm making a few hundreds dollars a month with this system. It's not a life changing extra income but it's still worth it. I can pay my bills and my beers with it.

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    I've been also searching for a high paying legit GPT site for the past two months and I've found some..

    But they either don't pay a lot for your work or they're not legit..

    I've came across this article on google and it's amazing!

    I've tried it for about 2 weeks and made quite a lot I won't say how much though because I don't want to sound like I'm advertising.

    But, here's the article link :P



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    5 years ago

    lol no, those are just smart scams, if there is a fee, its a scam, nothing is never that easy, well at least in this time of age just find something you like doing and pursue it as much as you can for me its cooking (culinary arts)

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