What benefits come from airplanes?

PLEASE HELPPPPP !! It's for my project !! Thnxx a lot! :D

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    Volumes could be written about the various ways the airplane has changed our society, our culture, our economy, and our destiny with most of it for the better. I will attempt to list some of the more common ways airplanes affect our daily lives.

    Many of the products and services we take for granted in our daily lives would be impossible without airplanes and aviation in general. Aside from the obvious benefits of being able to travel around the world whenever we please, the fact

    Most of the exotic seafood and fruit available to us now comes to us by airplane. Fresh flowers are also flown in from around the globe. Thanks to a huge network of cargo planes we can now send a package anywhere in the world in days for just a few dollars.

    Likewise, organ transplants and many other modern lifesaving medical techniques would be all but impossible if it were not for the airplanes ability to quickly transport surgical teams and patients to where ever they're needed.

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