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events since the cold war?

in your opinion, what are the most important historical events since the end of the cold war to today?

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    Cold war ended with the fall of the berlin wall followed by the fall of soviet union

    The end of cold war meant there was no big power to challenge usa and nato, therefore nato and usa were so used to confrontation with the reds that they had to adapt to new times , it was a new over haul of western foreign politics of super powers, the whole idea of nato was to challenge warsaw pact, so nato had to change to new things in the absence of warsaw pact forces and soviets no more, initial question was: what for nato?

    us navy had to re adapt , us navy was to challenge soviet navy , and specially soviet submarines , so no more submarines posing dangers then no more air squadrons of anti submarine planes

    cia and nsa and nato intelligence had to look for new enemies

    western and usa military doctrine was crafted and created for war with conventional and nuclear warsaw armies, navies and air forces ,then gulf war came 91, Saddam hussein invaded Kuwait, president george bush after victory declared "the ghost of vietnam war is gone" after vietnam us congress told executive power not to do small intervention that could escalate into big wars, so after vietnam us white house had the contra affair and invasion of grenada, not big conventional war , so by having big victory over iraq us armed forces rose again like phoenix bird ! the us came back to victory track!

    because espionage agencies had no more work against warsaw forces and soviet union , intelligence agencies had to focus on war against drugs, war on terrorism, china and north korea and commercial and industrial espionage. french espionage was caught several times spying on us companies! british intelligence spied on european aviation industries to make sure profits on new markets ( there was no soviets any more to spy on!)

    Somalia 1993

    united nations try to bring peace and food to a country with war and poverty and failed, 19 americans were killed, many others were wounded , 3 helicopters were lost and president clinton gave the order to withdraw! ( look after black hawk down movie!)

    1993 World trade center had an arab bomb at the basement

    1994 confirmation came : north korea developed nuclear power

    1995 chechenia , chechens did a good military campaign versus former red army and reds lost big time, then during 99 the reds tried again and won


    during the whole 90´s the taliban rose to power and became brutal regime , the other afghans made the northern alliance as opposition supported by russia , it was civil chaos inside afghanistan because usa went to war against iraq , osama bin laden turned former friend into enemy , he did not like usa invading arab soil , so he became enemy of usa! the events that lead to september 11 started because osama bin laden wanted kuwait to defend for themselves, not with us intervention!

    1997 india used a nuclear war on the surface of cachemir border to send a sign of military poer to pakistan

    Usa and nato attacked Milosevic from former Yugoslavia with aerial attacks because of Kosovo


    The computer glicth that never came!

    Peru: operation chavin de huantar, the take over of japanese embassy at lima,peru, an spectacular operation to retake embassy from terrorists!

    September 11 and afghan invasion

    so much is known about this event, that is self explanatory!

    Enron crashed at the us stock market!

    Augusto Pinochet went to trial for mass human rights violation

    Second gulf war

    Israel invaded lebanon 2007

    Obama became president

    1st african american to become president , marthin luther king finally saw his dream to come true!

    usa propaganda says the land of freedom, justice, the american dream , the land of opportunity, whites are the owners and ceo´s of the most big companies according to fortune and forbes , now with obama there is gotta be a chance for all african americans inside we the people

    One personal event for me mostly

    Mike Wallance say good bye for ever to tv, i love such great journalist , he told me about the truth behind many events and interviews

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    Russia is just flexing it's might,so the European countries will take a look at them instead of America,and what we are doing in Afghanistan,and Iraq.They are also trying to gain control of the gas,and oil pipelines that are in the Georgia area,which they seem to have accomplished by using the massacre of the Pilgrims as an excuse to attack.Truth be known they probably killed those people.They can point their missles towards the Western nations as they choose,but I am sure we have been anticipating this since they started helping Iran aquire uranium fusion,for their nuclear(so called power plants).They are really mixed up if they think we are over whelmed by these wars we have had to take on.We have allies plus we always have an ace,or two,up our sleeve in the game of war!They better watch their own people and feed them,and secure them jobs and house them before they all decide they have had enough,and join our side.I would say that Russian people are tired of being lied too,and treated like animals while the upper class officials live like kings.

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