Have you found your light in life? thoughts?

Memories of past arise unbidden

swirling up from tortured depths long hidden

how can these foul wounds be once erased

to rise again and stand exposed, unfaced?

returning to haunt ones present with past

what salvation can free us at last

remove for good this vile inner stain

release us from this burning mental pain

a mounted knight in shining metal,

the merry shrill of boiling kettle,

a just and loving lord above,

or natures deep abiding love

I think each one finds their own way

of ending night and starting day

to conquer darkest inner sight

we each create our own pure light

Kelly C


Jaity, I do know what you mean but you must understand that some things are beyond simple karma, some things can't be laid to rest completely even when you've learned the lesson and forgiven all there is to forgive. I am only grateful for the strength and endurance it has given me. My dad had bipolar he drank himself to death despite all efforts to help him and he abused my mind in ways most can't comprehend until I finally abandoned him to his fate, alone, to save myself. I still forgive him, and I still love him but the pain and sadness he left behind him still live in my heart. The legacy of depression and mood disorder still lives on in his children and it is a battle most don't understand. I know Shirley does, thats why she gets this, shes seen what bipolar does and has suffered because of it as much as I or more. Peace!

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    Beautifully written and much truth spoken. I connect so much to this writing that I feel like I could have written it myself. Thank you, Kelly. We think the same language.

    God is my light and he always shows me the way.

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    Inside my eye lids I gaze upon in moments a light is turned on. A shower of lights spray shear light

    closed eyes in side the site. Images form come and go a ring in my head a sound that glows. A noise of power that speaks in sense. Feeling this so intense time goes on the picture clear up vivid images comence. Wll I see u there?In good tidings intended my attitude is, trust. A song of passion is waiting

    we are a match for creating. See you there when I close my eyes and stare, in to my back side the eyelids provide th darkness where I wait and hide. For you are in my chart close by and with heart

    Any day now could be time to start, been too long that we been apart.

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    when past memories arise to torment us , they are

    from past karma which are not yet satiated.

    people do not realize why they are tormented ; why the same

    wounds are inflicted time and again .

    it will help to let karma run its course ... swim with the current

    and take your lessons . once lessons are learnt , they progress

    to next karma .

    while the night ends and day begins , it must be with

    lessons learnt !

    there is the other side to it ...ie if you have strong Will ...

    to the extent that you can act beyond your mentally

    fixed responses and inbuilt nature , then you may bring this

    Free Will into play and conquer all the things that torments you .

    the other things that help in coping with past karma are

    forgiveness , compassion ,humbleness,helpful nature without any

    ego ,envy , jealousy and anger .

    sure ,you will then create your own pure light and radiate

    it ...............

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    Quest with the attachment to memories/thoughts which covers the light within. To drop the search and silence the mind is to shine in the light forever.

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    The light shines from within...

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    Cool. I don't like poetry.

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    nice work

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