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What advise for a friend suffering from depression?

A friend in a long term state of depression is yo-yo-ing on various antidepressants and he's an emotional mess. He seeks people that give him solace for his condition but I'm not compassionate. I'm a 'snap out of it' and look at all the good stuff kind of person.

I can't hug him when I want to smack him... lol.


@ smoking Frog: I believe his doctor got him into this mess and is enabling him.

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    Get outdoors and plenty of sunlight, often sunlight can serve as a natural remedy for depression.

    Unraveling the Sun's Role in Depression

    More Evidence That Sunlight Affects Mood-Lifting Chemical in the Brain

    WebMD Health NewsDec. 5, 2002 -- A sunny day may do more than just boost your mood -- it may increase levels of a natural antidepressant in the brain. A new study shows that the brain produces more of the mood-lifting chemical serotonin on sunny days than on darker days.

    Researchers say the findings provide more evidence that lack of sunlight and reduced serotonin levels are important in the development of seasonal affective disorder (SAD).

    People with SAD develop symptoms of depression in the winter months when there is less daylight. Symptoms include difficulty concentrating, low energy or fatigue, loss of interest in daily activities, moodiness, and sleeping excessive amounts.

    Serotonin levels have been found to be normal in previous studies of people with SAD. But researchers say those studies looked at serotonin levels in the fluid that circulates around the brain and spine, which may have interfered with their results.

    In the current study, researchers measured serotonin levels in the blood vessels leading directly from the brain -- a more accurate measure of serotonin levels, they say. The study, by Gavin Lambert of the Baker Research Institute in Melbourne, Australia, and colleagues, appears in the Dec. 7 issue of The Lancet.

    Samples were taken from 101 healthy men during each of the four seasons and compared with various weather factors, such as temperature, rainfall, hours of bright sunlight, and atmospheric pressure.

    Researchers found that regardless of the season, the turnover of serotonin in the brain was affected by the amount of sunlight on any given day. And the levels of serotonin were higher on bright days than on overcast or cloudy ones. In fact, the rate of serotonin production in the brain was directly related to the duration of bright sunlight.

    No other atmospheric conditions were related to serotonin levels.

    The researchers say their study shows that the prevailing amount of sunlight clearly affects serotonin levels in healthy individuals, but more research is needed to see if people predisposed to SAD are affected in the same way by environmental factors.

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    Clinical depression is a medical condition, it is not just a bad or or negative thinking; it is not something that you can just "snap out of"; any more than a person with Diabetes can control his blood sugar by being optimistic. A person with Clinical Depression can be happy and still be depressed.

    Depression requires professional treatment in the form of medication and/or professional counselling; even then it is not something that can be cured, however it can be controlled.

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    1st change the way you talk( your speech). Provers 18:21, 12:14, 18 :21,You will rise no higher than what you confess. The book of Proverb in the Bible says As a man thinketh so is he . (change your thought pattern concerning yourself). Your very special. God created you that way.Look at the bible in the book of in Genesis 1:26 you are made in the image of God, , Psalms 139:14 , You are wonderfully made , Psalms 8:4 ,You are always in God's thoughts, You have no reason to be depressed. Don't worry about what people say about you,You are who "God" says you are.

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    People who suffer from depression need to come out of themselves and one of the best ways to do that is to volunteer on a regular basis, even a few hours a week. Depression is sitting around alone being too introspective, they need to think about others for a change.

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    talk with him a lot! try to remove the depression! If it is necessary consult with a psychiatrist!

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    have you considered giving him a therapy conversation while kicking the sh!t out of him you know just start wupin this guy and askin questions, demanding answers and helping him through it while u mess him up bahahahahaha sounds silly doesnt it i bet it works

    ya or you could sleep with him and see if he losins up

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    Tell him to start a bible study with one of Jehovah's Witnesses. They are the best people to Speak to!

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    you cannot help him to get out of his depressions, you can support him but you cannot end it.

    he needs professional help

    Source(s): been there, a friend of mine suffers from severe depressions
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    Have him go to a "Healing Room".....

    Have him keep going until there is relief. Go to different ones until he says "I'M HEALED"

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