What is the Quickest way to advance in Ikariam?

I've been playing for about a year so far but i'm not going any where. Is there anyway to build point's quickly or research quicker?

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    1 decade ago
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    Researches are necessary to advance in the game

    and there are many types of players :

    - The Builder-type : he count on helping hands to build and upgrade his towns

    - The Active pillage : he count on pillaging and loots in order to be better

    So it's you who choose what you think is the quickest way.

    here are some buildings that should be upgraded first

    - Hideouts to level 32 to protect yourself from others that spy on you, because no body will attack something he can't see

    - Walls (a wall level 20 is a big jump, but you should have them as your town hall level or above.

    - resources busting buildings : as forester house, wine press, stonemasons ...

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