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What are some good songs "Emo's" listen to?

Give me some bands and possibly songs

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    alesana - apology

    anberlin - a day late

    story of the year - anthem of our dying day

    bright eyes - a calander hung itself today

    bright eyes - lover I don't have to love

    cauterize - paper wings

    chiodos - you wouldn't last a minute

    copeland - brightest

    bullet for my valentine - cries in vain

    dashboard confessionals - hands down

    dashboard confessional - stolen

    my chemical romance - I don't love you

    dashboard confessional - don't wait

    dream theater - panic attack

    emery - walls

    escape the fate - this war is ours

    escape the fate - not good enough for the truth

    finch - letters to you

    framing hanley - hear me now

    from first to last - my heart, your hands

    funeral for a friend - rookie of the year

    further seems forever - just until sundown

    gary jules - mad world

    godsmack - one rainy day

    greeley estates - tear my world apart

    greeley estate - without you

    haste the day - break my own heart

    hawthorn heights - niki fm

    hawthorn heights - ohio is for lovers

    hawthorn heights - december

    hollywood undead - circles

    my chemical romance - I'm not okay

    landon pigg - can't let you go

    lovehatehero - goodbye my love

    ludo - the horror of our love

    mayday parade - when I get home, you're so dead

    mayday parade - i'd hate to be you

    red jumpsuit apparatus - misery loves its company

    mozart season - her only medicine

    my chemical romance - demolition lovers

    nevershoutnever - losin it

    nevershoutnever - bigcitydreams

    halifax - broken glass syndrome

    peirce the veil - kissing in cars

    RED - death of me

    eminem - rock bottom

    safetysuit - anywhere but ehre

    sick puppies - pitiful

    saosin - you're not alone

    scary kids scaring kids - the bright side of suffering

    scary kids scaring kids - watch me bleed

    senses fail - blackout

    senses fail - calling all cars

    sick puppies - anywhere but here

    hawthorn heights - silver bullet

    silverstein - my heroine

    silverstein - giving up

    silverstein - true romance

    something corporate - the runaway

    something corporate - as you sleep

    bullet for my valentine - tears don't fall

    the academy is... - everything we had

    the ataris - in this diary

    the ataris - saddest song

    the getaway plan - shadows

    red jumpsuit apparatus - your guardian angel

    the used - smother me

    the used - taste of ink

    the used - greener with the scenery

    the used - blue and yellow

    the used - cut up angels

    the used - empty with you

    trading yesterday - shattered

    slipknot - vermillion part 2

    hope i helped (:

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    Eyes set to kill - Darling

    Senses fail - Bloody romance

    Bring me the Horizon - the sadness will never end

    and many more i think.

    this is some examples of songs my brother listens to. categorise in some genres: Emo band and screamo bands.

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