Is this correct in french?....?

Le samedi va sera tres bien!

i'm trying to say "saturday is going to be really good!" or fun

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    I'd rather say

    Le samedi sera très bon!

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    Le samedi va sera tres bien means saturdays are going will be fun.

    Two errors:

    1. going will be is wrong

    When you use aller + verb to indicate future tense, you should never conjugate the second verb.

    So it is Le samedi va etre tres bien.

    Or you could use the future tense, without aller

    Le samedi sera tres bien. (saturdays will be very good or fun)

    2. Le samedi means all saturdays in general. If you are refering to a specific saturday like this saturday, you shouldn't use le samedi.

    You could use

    Ce samedi va etre tres bien or Ce samedi sera tres bien.

    If you're refering to next saturday then,

    samedi prochain va etre tres bien.

    Avec espoir, je t'avais aidé

    bonne chance

  • Never, never, and ever, conjugate two verbs in the same time when using the "future proche".

    It's never va sera! It's: va être - see the auxiliary verb 'être' is not conjugate as it is in front of the 'va'

    You don't need to use 'le'.

    "Samedi va vraiment être génial!"

    Source(s): Born and grew up in France.
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