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was in high school when I was in junior high and I met a girl I go to 1 I love her and she liked me. something like love at first sight. after a while I encourage and told a friend that he ask his msn .. coward of me .. after I met her and as I only had only one serious relationship to date, did not know how to handle the situation. spend time and went to his house, met his parents and all .... but I get the time I started to behave very, very annoying and I did not like me ... thing that I think was by ****** and lack of experience and communication .. but before I asked him to give us some time and I kept looking because I regretted it. the truth I do not like writing this here to show weakness in the computer. but since most da ... well, continuing the theme after that I worked like a dog one day from 12pm until 4am for another day Wings have money to buy a present he had brought a letter inside, chocolates, a paper my cell phone and a stuffed turtle .,.... the next day and the next day I went to his house to leave him but was not there and his mom sent me home of his aunt and she came out saying there .... want to send ... ... and I said that had left a gift in your house but even that was too stupid. I feel that it was also very stupid ... and in response to that she answered the mns "forget everything" and then days later I went to look and it was raining very hard and at home they said he was with his grandmother and more or less told me where he was ((((((( without direction and with pure sign of more or less so I take ))))))))))))))))))) approximately as 1 happy hour searching the house and never found ... and over time turned around and there she was and asked if she had written it and I wanted to say and then told me that his mother no longer wanted me and she gave around and opening the door to enter then I said that maybe .""""" is no longer I see you again ... • • • • • • and looked as sad or something like that ... yes. .. seems that if it was a good feeling .... and then entered. and I already defeated all wet and then I had no other ... taking into account that at that time was wearing a broken tennis .... but now that I was sitting outside, she ran and opened the lock on his gate and then I yell her name and she said and went ashhhhh ..... and this is a question that to this day I have with slope : Will there come running after me? or is there something else out? ... need more or less ... sorry that is so long .....

after that I saw in the months just thinking about it sometimes mourn the degree of necessity ... but not spent a year and enter the school and I looked everywhere and all the while thinking of her and in those chapters never know if they will answer ...... until one day in my school had a party, let us out early and then I take my public transportation (bus, microbus), and iva track to my house when vat then I thought about it as usual (poor *******) ... and I see a street with friends ..... and I could not believe ... my heart started beating fast, I was nervous, frightened look like when the cat goes wild white (looney toons) and then remove the head and saw her and we were watching .... she made no speech and I do not .... after that I thought about it and some kids from my school ..... I told them that after that incident, I decided to go and tell him how I felt about it and address the public transportation and walked to his school dismissal time wing of his classes .... and wait until I see her ..... and that was when I saw that she came with her school uniform and quickly saw his face and saw that it was me ..... felt like the wildcat (again) and then she saw me and wave bag .... and then I walked one block and ..... she approached another until we came to a street where there was road bus and pretended like I was waiting for the bus and she vat with her friends and they started saying goodbye .......((( blablabla., goodbye blabla))) and for me to get jealous they were saying goodbye others who left their school. After that she spoke to one of her friends and I thought I said something ami and then my legs began to tremble and I never felt before that. and then left and I was defeated again and all I hope void withdraw my house with my head down ......... after that and kept thinking about it for half a year (seeing pictures of her on their website will not say but I felt lost and had so far spent about a year and yahoo off my characters sorry.


My cousin told her about everything I'm typing and she responded by saying, if we think the heart and not with the brain, we will do great damage.

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    Yes, your girl friend was correct. In relationships feelings are very important, but

    we need the brain also to help us think things through logically

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  • 4 years ago

    the instantaneous you doubted in case you you ought to marry him is the very similar second that you ought to settle on no longer to. you ought to be one hundred % sensible in marriage, or do not get married in any respect. when you consider that they're french (or 0.5?), they have a diverse subculture than ours, so that you'll both be too liberated on your (or my) flavor. in case you imagine his sister is doing that to you on purpose and in case you imagine she has a "diverse" type of relationship with her brother, then that is an particularly vast deal. in case you could not talk along with your boyfriend about this, then it truly is a more effective deal. that is genuine, believe is significant between you 2, yet in case you could not set up your believe with him even before you're married, how a lot extra will you suspect him after your marriage? On a diverse be conscious, you're misinterpreting their each and each action because you're wondering this kind. you would imagine that he's searching at her otherwise because you're already wondering that they are having a relationship. yet when you consider that he hardly touches you, and also you ought to't believe him (enable's settle for it, you're already doubting him), then marriage is an particularly undesirable theory. do not do something you would finally end up regretting later. you're saying you want him, yet do you need him sufficient to settle for his faults once you locate out that your suspicions are genuine? though, would you be able to stay with your self in case you locate out that there is not any longer something happening between them once you became faraway from his marriage theory? it easily relies upon on you. Be solid and love your self.

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