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When do the MLB 2010 season tickets go on sale?

wanna get tickets for red sox

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    The Red Sox single game tickets will go on sale mostly likely in mid to late March. They hold off releasing the available tickets for individual games until they have a chance to finalize which seats the season tickets holders will have for the season.

    I buy my tickets in the secondary market from reliable and trusted resellers. They get the tickets from season ticket holders who are selling tickets to games they cannot attend for whatever reason. This gives you the opportunity to get some nice seats and sometimes below face value, depending on the game in question.

    I have used Vertex Tickets for a lot of purchases and it always worked out great. Tickets arrive on time and seats are great. They have the Red Sox season schedule on line now and some of the available tickets. They have a discount code also (Sale) which can save some additional money.

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    The MLB 2010 Season tickets are available for sale at . Just visit the link below for more detail:

  • Daniel
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    You and a million others.

    You can get them now

    If you can make a deal with someone whom already owns some

    They are sold out for the season.


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    sometime in March

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