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What does this dream mean?

I was trying to figure out who the muderer was because I was sent on a mission to discover this secret and then was absolutely horrified to discover that the murderer was my child... I experienced emotional horror and spiritual shock that was 5x stronger than any shock I felt in real life..

Then I had another dream

It's summer and I am standing at the base of a hill that has man made stairs leading up to the top of the mountain.... and there are two men with me.

The first is a sadistic guy who had sexual fantases about torturing me and cutting me in highschool

The second guy is a former love interest, who was a pathological pacificist

The director of the students asks for volunteers to go to alaska and even though I don't like the cold, I agree to go because I want a shot at love with my former love interest named Kyle

And then we are in the alaskan winter mountains, and I have a special man made contraption under my butt that allows me to fly... with artificial wings, while Kyle can fly without them... me and kyle bound ourselves together, by interlacting our legs... and joining hands and kissing while flying in the air... I remember his mouth was realy wet'

Then he takes a dive and plunges me down the side of the mountian at a very fast pace and just when I am about to become anxious... he changes direction and starts flying upward again. He is resistent but II try to get him to sleep with me, by shifting my pelvis directly underneath the span of his legs and mimicing the motions of sex, then I wake up...

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    Oh, my, you seem to have some hang-ups. You start with a mission to discover a murderer which probably cames from a movie or TV show you watched sometime or other. It is probably just a form of entertainment or mind rambling because we dream about a lot of things at random just the same way things pop up in our memory during the day. Your child popped up, another random thought, but your reaction was to put the two together, maybe because of what a horrible thought it would be if the child did it, and whenever you think something like that in a dream it causes it to happen. It means practically nothing, except that you are unrealistically afraid of awful things happening.

    Never heard of a pathological pacifist before. They must not be too bad because you went for one. Hard to say much about this last section except that it sounds like you were pretty horny.

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    I play an mmog. each and all of the time. referred to as Eudemons on line. maximum of my objectives are based off of that game. I dream i'm taking part in the game. what's unhappy is human beings placed way too lots into the objectives they have. i'm 21 years old. whilst i strengthen into around 13 or so, I had a dream that made me sense whilst i strengthen into 33 i might die in a vehicle crash. no one else in touch, lifeted up 4x4. T street. some years off, yet i do no longer think of that what I dreamed then, will come real. regardless of if I had the same dream a million time each 6 years. issues replace. you replace. it is not your objectives that make your destiny. it is your destiny that'll make your objectives. do no longer concentration on a dream you have. If something, they are greater of a logo of something that has happend, or under no circumstances will take place. A warning, something that might assist you evade a disaster you on your life. stay the life you have, the way you like, and not via any objectives.

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    how did you feel during the dreams? that's what tells you how you feel in everyday life, if you're stressed out, etc.

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    I know what it means.

    Don't eat so soon before bed.

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