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Can somebody explain to me this political cartoon?

Hey everyone! My American History teacher told us to find political cartoons for class. I came across this one regarding The New Deal (FDR's New Deal). I don't quite understand it, so could someone explain to me what it is about before I actually choose it? thanks :)

Here is the link:

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    New Deal was to help the Great Depression. The first part i look at is the poker hand he has. 4 aces and a K, represents a 4-of-a-kind (which is a really good hand). The names on the cards, i guess is the different plans/process to help the economy back up. Given the emphasis on the title, and linking the Great Depression, lets say the poker hand he had previously was a bad hand (representing the GD). So when the person in the comic was 'dealt' a 'new' hand (kind of a double meaning for the word deal) i get the symbolism that the New Deal ( the new poker hand) represents a better government.

    sorry if im way off. i tried.

    also, i'd suggest an easier topic -_-

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    New Deal of course was the name of FDR's reforms, like above it is a good hand, everything in there were key part of those reforms allot of meat for you to go after there - because of the controversy on all the topic, be couple which are still controversial, except the address part everyone pro and con FDR, had to admit the boy could speak. also note it is uncle sam who is holding the hand.

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    the guy advance into harm via the recession and bernake is announcing that it rather is over even even with the undeniable fact that the soreness will final. the guy interior the backside nook is announcing that it would desire to come back around and hit back.

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