Students exchange in Quebec?

Hi everybody!

I'm an Italian 16-year girl and I'm looking for a student exchange in Quebec. I'd like to learn French, if someone could find me a web site or a contact, please, tell me!

Thank you =)

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    1 decade ago
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    Dopo il liceo puoi fare uno scambio di un anno con Rotary Exchange:

    o AFS:

    Un amico mio l'ha già fatto a Trieste.

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  • 4 years ago

    I agree, you ought to stay a year. you notice - it takes time to get to be attentive to the Norwegian human beings and custom. Norwegians are frequently truly reserved, so with a view to get to be attentive to them, come across a team of persons to dangle out with etc. 3 months isn't sufficient. To an volume, it relies upon on your character, how a lot attempt you place into gaining wisdom of Norwegian, how a lot initiative you're taking attending to be attentive to persons/places/connect events; besides the undeniable fact that, 6 months isn't a lot the two.. for my area I chosen a year for my replace, and whether I each and every so often have been given bored, had to go away - in hindsight, i'm truly happy I stayed as long. good luck, and welcome to Norway, no be counted if for a shorter or longer jointly as!

  • 1 decade ago

    ISE ontario. I went on a one month exchange with them to France a few summers ago. It was honestly the most fun ive ever had. Amazing trip. Anyways they handle trips very well, you could tell the organization was experienced and organized. They did a wonderful job. They offer one month summer exchanges to Quebec. Good luck with your travels!

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