Has anyone ever had stitches? and why? Wanted: a good story!?

Ever cut yourself or something and needed stitches? I haven't! So boring! I want some people's stories about this stuff best one gets 10 points :)

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    1 decade ago
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    I was at the pool once and I was in 1st grade I think. Anyway I was jumping off the diving board and doing sort of twirly things, and I didn't jump out far enough and I banged my chin on the diving board. It was the really rough kind that is designed so you won't slip on it. I had to get stitches for that and I still have a scar.

    Here's the second story, the squeamish should not read on. I think this one happened in 3rd or 4th grade. So my friend had this zipline thing in her backyard. It went from her tree house to her fence. You sit on this little seat with bars on a wire and you slide down (sounds hazardous right?) So I was riding it down and I didn't have shoes on and I cut the underside of my foot on the fence when I stopped. I didn't tell my parents about it because I was scared of getting a tetnis shot. They found out later because there was blood on my socks I had put on afterwards when they went in the wash that night. So they took me to the doctor and they had to give me tetnis shots in my foot and stitches. Fun right? No scar from that one miraculously.

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    Why would you want to hear about what we've had stitched up? Morbid or what?

    You're not getting a story from me but I'll tell you where I've had stitches.

    I've had 12 stitches in both my thighs from self-inflicted injuries.

    I've had both my achilles tendons grafted with parts of tendons from elsewhere in my body and then stitched up.

    I've had 6 stitches above my eye from falling down some stairs.

    I've had 3 stitches in my foot after treading on some glass.

    There is nothing boring about not needing stitches, it's great, you should be happy that you've never needed stitches to hold yourself together.

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    I got stitches about two months ago... I accidentally cut my knee shaving. It was a HUGE and deep cut. I still cannot believe I did that!! Who knew you could get such a nasty cut shaving! Haha. Well I got 8 stitches and I had to use crutches for a week because I could not bend my knee at all!

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    Well, Last year I was putting a window cling on my jelwery box.I pressed to hard on the glass so the glass snapped on accident.So I had to get 2 stitches...Now my jelwery box has no glass cuz well my parents dont want me gettin cuz again...

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