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What was your first kiss like? 10 points?

when, were, how old, what did it feel like, and did it feel tingly (down there) lol.

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    I have two kiss stories. One was my first, and the other was the most meaningful.

    My first kiss was with a guy I'd known for two years. I had just turned 15 at the time and I adored him. I wanted to be with him, and at the time he seemed perfect. One day we were in the drama room at my school playing guitar and he told me to follow him. We went into the theatre's lobby and hugged. He kissed me on the cheek, so I did the same. Then he took my face in his hands and he kissed me gently. At the time I was on top of the moon.

    Then later that day he told me he liked me better as a friend and led me on for half another year. Then I cut this guy out of my life. The kiss didn't make me tingly, but times when he and I would lie down on the couch together I definantly did.

    Although that wasn't the most important kiss in my life. My most important kiss was with my first boyfriend. I was 16 at the time and we'd been going out two weeks and he still didn't kiss me. We were walking down the hall holding hands and he stopped me and said "You're beautiful." Then he chicken out and kept walking. While walking he said "I should have just kissed you." So I spun around and tried to kiss him but missed. Then we tried a second time and it was at least on target. Wasn't the best kiss he and I had, but definantly the most memorable.

    This same boyfriend brought me to the place I told him I had my first kiss and heart broken. And my boyfriend kissed me in that exact spot; telling me he wanted to write over my past.

    Two years later I remember him like it was yesterday. I find romance is so much more pure when you're younger, it's just not the same at 18. Too much comes into play.

    And as for the guy you like, take some time. Maybe he's shy too. You never know. Play a game with him. I got my first boyfriend by playing 20 questions. We both asked "Do you like me?"

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    In a park with trees and benches ._.

    It was some time during the summer and I was 13.

    It came as a bit of a shock out of nowhere. I was pleased but it was just a peck on the lips. Truth be told, it was a bit embarrassing because you have no idea how to kiss so you just naturally back away. Which is a bit difficult to explain but it's the way it works :P

    No, it didn't feel tingly down there :3 That comes later xD

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    it was amazinggg. :) i was 14, and we were actually in a kayak. we were camping with a bunch of our friends, and i knew that i'd liked him fo years, but i didn't tell him. he asked me to help him get a rope that was falling in the lake, and when i did, he grabbed my face, and kissed me. at first i was completely in shock, but after i blinked like 30 times, i realized that not only were my lips tingling, but i was tingling "down there" it only means that you're not only emotionally attracted to them, but physically as well. :)

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    i wouldnt know im 13 now and only dorky guys like me + im not the most popular person at school


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    i was like 15, camping with my rents, felt pretty awesome and was like yeah.specially kissing like when we were swimming.

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    uhmm. i was 13. last year. it was after a dance. and i guess it felt good. not down there

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    actually didnt feel all that great.. it feels like when you scrape ur tongue on the top of ur mouth but more wet...

    answer mine?;_ylt=Anjyx...

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