Would it be better to marry a Muslim, or revert a non Muslim to Islam?

According to what I have studied the rewards to marry a non muslim and revert her is far greater than the reward to marry a Muslim. What do you think?

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    Yo cuzz, It would be better to marry a revert muslim so this way you can teach her about islam and live the life style the suits you.

    But again, Allah has already decided your soul mate, only reasons roll the dice for you.


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    with marrying a non Muslim you can the risk that she may not want to come to Islam and when you have children they will be confused about which faith to really follow.

    A friend of mine's friend has a christian mom and Muslim father she considers herself both,I THINK thats a contradiction to believe in the oneness of god VIA Islam

    as well as believing in trinity. via Christianity. She was also not taught by her mother about modesty and adheres to christian lifestyle. she really is lost may Allah guide her Ameen

    Their are many people who are in this situation

    I personally think the risk is greater then the reward marry a women who is a Muslim does not matter when she reverted to Islam or even if she was born Muslim.

    as always Allah knows best


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    Salam.For male muslim who has knowledge about Islam in depth and has strong eeman,it is better to marry non muslim female and then she reverted before marriage with his guidance,because he will be the leader in the family as her husband He will get big rewards from Allah for his effort to convet her to Islam..But if his islamic knowledge is shallow it is better if he gets married with female muslim because he could not lead his wife with enough competence about Islam.

    For female muslim who has depth knowledge of Islam,strong eeman and she could guide his husband to be good muslim,she can get married with new converted non muslim male because she has competent knowledge to lead her husband in applying islamic acts and behaviour. But if she has shallow islamic knowledge and weak eeman,it is better she gets married with muslim male.In line with hadith the female muslim should marry the male muslim.

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