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I am 3 months pregnant.I stay in US where it is very difficult to get fresh regular Indian food unless I cook ,which I don't feel like.My whole day diet includes 2 bread,1 apple,1 glass of milk,some almonds ,puffed rice,a banana,some crackers.I lost about 3 lbs in my frist trimester and I am only 108 lbs.Can anyone please suggest me something helpful.I always like spicy food.I am worried.

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    Yes, you need to eat. For your sake and more importantly, for your baby's.

    You need 300 additional calories to what your already recommended to take in (which is commonly like 1800 for a young woman.)

    If you are feeling nauseated, try things that are high in whole grains. Or good sugars, like fruit.

    You need some more protein. If you don't eat meat, I would suggest getting some frozen edamame. (Soy beans.) You can pop them in the mircowave, sprinkle them with a little seasoning of your choice, and eat them right out of their shell.

    I hope you are drinking more water than that, too.

    I would highly suggest you go to WIC. It is a government agency that helps with nutritional info and even some of the cost of groceries for pregnancy women, infants and children. They make sure you get your recommended daily allownece of iron and of folic acid (both are absolutely essential to a health pregnancy.)

    If you have a special diet, or can't stand certain foods because of being pregnant, they can help you make wise choices. They also monitor you for proper weight-gain and make sure you aren't anemic.

    Please also make sure to get on a prenatal vitamin, too!

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    That's not enough food! You have to have at least some protein and veggies. What part of the US do you live in- there are many Indian grocery stores and restaurants where I live. Also, you can try some American food or mexican food. Those are always good. Also- if you don't mind cooking- then cook one or two days a week, and make enough for a few meals. I make dal, and sometimes beans, and freeze half of it, and have half during that week. Since its just my husband and myself for now, we don't eat that much, so its easy just to make extra and freeze half for the next week. You can make dal, beans, chicken - among other things, and just freeze it. I think that you really should eat more veggies and protein. The baby inside you needs the nurtirtuion, and so do you at this point!

    Source(s): 29 weeks pregnant!
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    My husband is Korean, and we eat spicy food a lot. We also eat a lot of rice. Make sure you get protein in your diet. Eat chicken, beef, pork, fish, and turkey. You don't have to eat all of those, but eat what you like. Also, I always snack on fruit. I have apples and bananas at home for snacks. I eat cereal for breakfast with skim milk. I make stuff spicy by adding red pepper flakes. Just don't eat more than you need to. Eat when you're hungry, and make healthy choices.

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    I consider it is all usual experience. We all recognise what meals are healthful for us even though we are not pregnant. Green greens, calcium, and tons of water is a well begin. Try to restrict plenty of processed meals. Make matters selfmade and from scratch if feasible. If any person gets rid of boxed foods they're going to shed pounds and be more fit. It's a win-win quandary.

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    Honey you have to eat more then that and if you have a boyfriend or family member that can fix you what you want ask them. Make sure you are taking prenatal vitamins.

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