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How to dehumidify a car?

My car has a horrible problem with fogging up on the inside. I found excess water in my trunk from a water bottle that spilled and even though I've cleaned up the water my car continues to fog up much more than other cars. Is there an inexpensive way of dehumidifying my car?

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    I think you need a Desiccant Dehumidifier. Most of these type products can be reused easily and requires no electric to work. Just place in car and it will absorb moisture. Checkout these:

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    Dehumidify Car

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    Leave it running on high floor heat with the windows cracked for an hour or two... if you have a fold-down seat accessing the trunk, fold it down first so the heat gets back there. Just make sure you're not in a closed garage watching the progress.

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    Run a dehumidier in it.

    Honestly, when it's the summer leave the car outside with the windows down and the trunk popped.. it'll evaporate any water left in the vehicle within the hour.

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    leave the doors & windows open and let it air out.

    drive with the defroster on, that'll help with dehumidifying.

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    Best thing to do is unhook your battery and leave the vehicle doors and trunk open on a clear day, giving the moisture a chance to evaporate.

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    do you have any wet arrears on the carpet this signifies a water leak inside the cab i do not think that spilt water in the trunk is responsible

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