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How can I mount my whole computer (even important system files) onto an .iso file for transfer?

How can I mount my C: drive (even important system files) onto an .iso file for transfer and put it on virtualbox so I can use it for reversing malware? Which programs would do this?

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    you don't do it this way. you use vmware from microsoft and set up a vmh file ( think), i can try to find the article for you if you wish, or you could use this really neat tool you found called 'the internet' and search for it... email if you wish and i will see if i can find it.

    an iso for your whole computer is kinda silly.

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    If you could find an app to create an ISO from the contents of your C:/ drive it would be huge, and would never fit on any single DVD disk, including a Blue Ray disk.

    Sun's Virtual Box uses only legal, and full, Windows Installation disks (NOT Upgrade disks, or Branded (HP, Dell) Windows Recovery disks). BTW, OS X is NOT an option due to legal issues. Burned Linux Distros, not the ISO file, also work like a charm.

    FYI: I have W7, and run Windows 98, XP, and Linux Mint, concurrently within vBox, and they all work like a charm, so I do know what I'm talking about.

    Your REAL problem is "How to remove Malware" from your PC, and you don't even need Virtual Box to do that! Use the Discover tab above to learn all about Malware, and, how to remove it.

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    Sorry I can not be of much help, but I know that some programs that deal with ISOs are Power ISO, NERO, and DVD Decrypter. I don't know if any of those will make an ISO, but you can look them up and find out. Also, just look up ISO on Wikipedia, it should have something about creation. Sorry I couldn't be of more help. :(

    Good luck though! :)

    Oh wait, if you can somehow copy your harddrive to a disk without and ISO image, you can use DVD Decrypter to rip it to and ISO. ^^

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